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What is holding up all that cloth over her left shoulder and how did that breast escape the fold? Red Satin
Pigs can't fly but they can levitate. Floating pigs
Aunt B's New Bloomers, certainly a different perspective Aunt B
Catching sight of Aunt B's new bloomers changed Grigor's life Grigor
Grigor made her blush! Painted Lady
Mother Nature never figured out The Industrial Revolution mother Nature
Another View of Eve in the Garden of Eden Eve
Peggy was not yet aware of Swamp Thing rising out of the ooze. Swampthing
Michelin Man Goes Bad Michelin Man Goes Bad
Chief Katonga watched helplessly as the Amazons departed with their prize. Chief Katonga
Although she put on a brave face, Alice was not happy with her bootleg dentures. Alice's Teeth
Non non, Fifi! Wee Wee
One of Mother Nature's Mistakes One of Mother Nature's Mistakes
Nurse Bradshaw could not suppress a smile... Parsnip
Even when George rode naked down Main Street, the townspeople ignored him George
Bunnies Gone Bad. Bad Bunnies
Steroids improved Rupert's performance... but at what cost?. Rupert
This painting gives a whole new meaning to the word 'cleavage.' Cleavage
Ethel really enjoyed mooning people. Mooning
The strange rituals practiced by Brother Hassim failed to attract any converts to his new religion. Brother Hassim
Although Helga enjoyed painting, she still missed her modeling career. Helga
"Here, let me cover you up while we wait for the ambulance to arrive." Let me cover you up
Mildred's nose tended to overshadow her dazzling smile. Mildred
Sally decides not to become a veterinarian after all. Sally & crocodile
Childless for years, Mary finally found an outlet for her maternal instincts. Mary & Dog
Fun with a hose and a tuba. Hose & Tuba
Percy's mail order inflatable woman was a disappointment. Inflateable woman
Raining Cats and Dogs. Raining cats and dogs
Both Judy and Wally vow never to go on a blind date again. Judy & Wally
It must have been the pea soup! Green woman
Sir Rodney never knew what hit him! Rodney
Dust jacket for The Unfinished Symphony. Unfinished
Jock believed that the Loch Ness Monster would appear at the outlet of the Glasgow sewer system

Painting found at Brian Pinkerton's Barn Art page

Jock fishing
Don later regretted having mated Rocinante with an ostrich. Don Quixote
Druid Ghostbusters versus the checkerboard spirits. Checkerboard
The Whine

Borrowed from D. Joseph Creighton's Wiener Dog Page with neither permission nor malice.
The Whine
Beauty is in the eye of a '58 DeSoto headlamp. Beauty is in the eye of a '58 DeSoto headlamp.
Mickey wished he had taken Beano. Mickey
The Venus Flytrap finally found success disguised as a rose. Venus Flytrap
Miss Appleby was not happy with her decorator's choice of wallpaper Miss App;eby's wallpaper
That hand has got to be a transplant, right? Hand Transplant
Bernice wished she had a larger bathroom Bernice
Lucy in the Field with Flowers

My personal favourite from The Museum of Bad Art.
Lucy in the field with flowers

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What constitutes good or bad art is, of course, a matter of personal opinion; one person's treasure can be another's garbage. This collection was inspired by Boston's Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) and is presented here in the spirit of fun. If I have offended anyone, I apologize and promise to remove the offending artwork upon notification by the artist, the gallery or the owner. Click Here to send Bert an email