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Frederick Carl Frieseke
American, 1874 - 1939
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Two Ladies in a Boat Two Ladies in a Boat
Torn Lingerie Torn Lingerie
Nasturtiums Nasturtiums
The Yellow Kimono The Yellow Kimono
Nude on the Beach Nude on the Beach
On the Couch On the Couch
The Garden Parasol The Garden Parasol
Portrait of a Woman with a Cactus Portrait of a Woman with a Cactus
The Robe The Robe
The Yellow Tulip The Yellow Tulip
Before Her Appearance Before Her Appearance
Through the Vines Through the Vines
Breakfast in the Garden Breakfast in the Garden
Cherry Blossoms Cherry Blossoms
Reading by Lamp Light Reading by Lamp Light
Reflections Reflections
Closed Blinds Closed Blinds
Hollyhocks Hollyhocks
Lady Trying on a Hat Lady Trying on a Hat
The Blue Gown The Blue Gown
Sleep Sleep
In the Doorway (Good Morning) In the Doorway (Good Morning)


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