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Egon Schiele
Austrian, 1890 - 1918
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The Artist's Wife The Artist's Wife
Girl with Green Stockings Girl with Green Stockings
Sitting Woman with Knees Drawn Up Sitting Woman with Knees Drawn Up
Four Trees Four Trees
Edith, the Artist's Wife Four Trees
Little Tree Little Tree
Seated Girl Seated Girl
Gerdi Schiele Gerdi Schiele
Two Women Two Women
Girl with Red Blanket Two Women
Semi-nude, Reclining Semi-nude, Reclining
Edge of Town Edge of Town
Gerdi Schiele in a Plaid Garment Gerdi Schiele in a Plaid Garment
Frederike Beer  Frederike Beer  
Various Schiele Drawings  Various Schiele Drawings  
Mother and Two Children  Mother and Two Children  
Scornful Woman  Mother and Two Children  
Reclining Woman with Green Stockings  Reclining Woman with Green Stockings  
Two Women  Two Women  


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