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Gallery 320
Paintings by Various Artists
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Vano Abuladze, Title Unknown

Vano Abuladze
Title Unknown

Adam Emory Albright, Two Boys with Flowers and Hay.

Adam Emory Albright
Two Boys with Flowers and Hay.

Joseph Alleman, Title Unknown

Joseph Alleman
Title Unknown

Fedchina Arina, Title Unknown

Fedchina Arina
Title Unknown

Tom Bagshaw, A Blacker Heart

Tom Bagshaw
A Blacker Heart

Will Barnet, The Great Cat

Will Barnet
The Great Cat

Trish Biddle, Riviera

Trish Biddle

Willard Bond, Manhassett

Willard Bond

Vitold Byalynitsky-Birulya, Title Unknown

Vitold Byalynitsky-Birulya
Title Unknown

Alexandre Cabanel, Samson and Deilah Poster

Alexandre Cabanel
Samson and Deilah Poster

Vittorio Matteo Corcos, Portrait of a Young Woman

Vittorio Matteo Corcos
Portrait of a Young Woman

Juan Manuel Cossio, Title Unknown

Juan Manuel Cossio
Title Unknown

Charles C. Curran, A Breezy Day

Charles C. Curran
A Breezy Day

Zorikto Dorzhiev. Concubine-Khan Ozhidanie

Zorikto Dorzhiev
Concubine-Khan Ozhidanie

He Duoling and Ai Xuan, The Third Generation

He Duoling and Ai Xuan
The Third Generation

Nikolai Fedyaev, A Girl Dressed as a Harlequin

Nikolai Fedyaev
A Girl Dressed as a Harlequin

Albert Franck, Bottom of Sackville Street

Albert Franck
Bottom of Sackville Street

Thomas Gainsborough, Portrait Of Georgiana, Duchess Of Devonshire

Thomas Gainsborough
Portrait of Georgiana,
Duchess of Devonshire

Jessica Ellen Hayllar, For the Hospital

Jessica Ellen Hayllar
For the Hospital

Paul Hedley, Obras de Cada Dia

Paul Hedley
Obras de Cada Dia

Lu Jianjun, Eternal Song

Lu Jianjun
Eternal Song

Elena Kiseleva, Portrait of Helen

Elena Kiseleva
Portrait of Helen

Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka. Springtime in Mostar

Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka
Springtime in Mostar

Leopold Franz Kowalski, Girls Picking Flowers

Leopold Franz Kowalski
Girls Picking Flowers

Andrea Kowch, Her Fancy

Andrea Kowch
Her Fancy

Jimmy Lawlor, Evidence of Autumn

Jimmy Lawlor
Evidence of Autumn

Maximilien Luce, The Quai Conti, Daytime

Maximilien Luce
The Quai Conti, Daytime

Tatyana Markovtsev, Title Unknown

Tatyana Markovtsev
Title Unknown

Pedro Roldán Molina, Title Unknown

Pedro Roldán Molina
Title Unknown

Miguel Padura, The Innocent Age

Miguel Padura
The Innocent Age

Yuri Pimenov, Paper Flowers and Snow

Yuri Pimenov
Paper Flowers and Snow

Fairfield Porter, Union Square, Looking Up Park Avenue

Fairfield Porter
Union Square, Lookinrg
 Up Park Avenue

Herman Richir, Marie-Madeleine

Herman Richir

Tom Roberts, A Mountain Muster

Tom Roberts
A Mountain Muster

John Peter Russell, Vincent van Gogh, Paris, 1886

John Peter Russell
Vincent van Gogh, Paris, 1886

Marek Ruzhik, Title Unknown

Marek Ruzhik
Title Unknown

Vlad Safronov, Secession

Vlad Safronov

Edward Seago, Waxham Beach

Edward Seago
Waxham Beach

Joseph Todorovich, Expectant Women

Joseph Todorovich
Expectant Women

Alessandro Tofanelli, Title Unknown

Alessandro Tofanelli
Title Unknown

Svetlana Tigai (also known as Tsvetka, Medieval Peasant Woman

Svetlana Tigai (also known as Tsvetka
Medieval Peasant Woman

Kent R. Wallis, Title Unknown

Kent R. Wallis
Title Unknown

Theodore Wendel, Lady with Parasol by a Stream

Theodore Wendel
Lady with Parasol by a Stream

Charles Arthur Wheeler, Title Unknown

Charles Arthur Wheeler
Title Unknown

Alexander Zavarin, Title Unknown

Alexander Zavarin
Title Unknown

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