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Gallery 318
Paintings by Various Artists
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Joseph Alleman, After Years

Joseph Alleman
After Years

Kalman Aron, Young Woman

Kalman Aron
Young Woman

Sandra Bierman, Jardín del Edén

Sandra Bierman
Jardín del Edén

John Leslie Breck, View Across Ipswich Bay Near Cambridge Beach

John Leslie Breck
View Across Ipswich Bay
Near Cambridge Beach

Frederick Arthur Bridgman, Seaweed Gatherers

Frederick Arthur Bridgman
Seaweed Gatherers

Ramón Casas, Meravellosa ‘Júlia en granate’

Ramón Casas
Meravellosa ‘Júlia en granate’

Tanya Cherevan, Redhead

Tanya Cherevan

Richard Diebenkorn, Seated Figure with Hat

Richard Diebenkorn
Seated Figure with Hat

Zorikto Dorzhiev, Thunder

Zorikto Dorzhiev

William Russell Flint, Ariadne

William Russell Flint

Slava Fokk, After the Rain

Slava Fokk
After the Rain

Stanhope Alexander Forbes, The Slip

Stanhope Alexander Forbes
The Slip

Valeriy Gridnev, Natalia

Valeriy Gridnev

John Atkinson Grimshaw, The Lotus Gatherers

John Atkinson Grimshaw
The Lotus Gatherers

Rene Gruau

Rene Gruau
A Promotional Illustration
for Diorella by René Gruau

Steve Hanks, Black Lace Nightgown

Steve Hanks
Black Lace Nightgown

Rob Hefferan, Defining Moment

Rob Hefferan
Defining Moment

Ron Hicks, Untitled

Ron Hicks

Conrad Kiesel, In the Studio

Conrad Kiesel
In the Studio

Roger Kuntz

Roger Kuntz
Old Laguna

Philip Alexius de Laszlo, Portrait of Doña Graziella Patiño de Ortiz Linares

Philip Alexius de Laszlo
Portrait of Doña Graziella
 Patiño de Ortiz Linares

Bruno Andreas Liljefors, Flying Swans

Bruno Andreas Liljefors
Flying Swans

Jeremy Lipking, Afternoon Walk on the Beach

Jeremy Lipking
Afternoon Walk on the Beach

Tatyana Markovtsev

Tatyana Markovtsev

Vineeth Menon, Sitting and Looking Out of the Window

Vineeth Menon
Sitting and Looking Out of the Window

Richard Emil Miller, My Empty Pool

Richard Emil Miller
My Empty Pool

Robin Morris, New Deco

Robin Morris
New Deco

Vladimir Mukhin

Vladimir Mukhin
Title Unknown

Yuri Pimenov, Rain in Kaliningrad

Yuri Pimenov
Rain in Kaliningrad

Vicente Romero Redondo

Vicente Romero Redondo
La femme à la fenêtre

Edwin Tom Roberts
Nude Study


Cesare Saccaggi

Cesare Saccaggi

Zayasaikhan Sambuu (Zaya), The Kingdom of the Dragon – El reino del dragón

Zayasaikhan Sambuu (Zaya)
The Kingdom of the Dragon –
El reino del dragón

Richard Schmid

Richard Schmid

Viktor Schramm, Woman in Blue with Guitar

Viktor Schramm
Woman in Blue with Guitar

Everett Shinn, Nightclub Scana, 1934

Everett Shinn
Nightclub Scana, 1934

Suhair Sibai

Suhair Sibai

Burton Silverman, Study for Arcadia

Burton Silverman
Study for Arcadia

Thomas Sully, Rebecca Gratz

Thomas Sully
Rebecca Gratz

Sergey Sviridov

Sergey Sviridov
Portrait of a Stranger

Titian, Portrait of Caterina Cornaro

Portrait of Caterina Cornaro

Vincent van Gogh, Young Woman Knitting

Vincent van Gogh
Young Woman Knitting

Raluca Vulcan

Raluca Vulcan

Ryan Wurmser, James

Ryan Wurmser

Xi Pan, Phoenix

Xi Pan

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