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Gallery 314
Paintings by Various Artists
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Falah Alsaedi

Falah Alsaedi
Coffee Cup Reading

Clyde Aspevig

Clyde Aspevig
Unknown Title

Firmin Baes, The Girl with a Cabbage

Firmin Baes
The Girl with a Cabbage

Alice Pike Barney, The Spanish Shawl

Alice Pike Barney
The Spanish Shawl

Nikolai Blokhin, The Performance

Nikolai Blokhin
The Performance

Goxwa Borg

Goxwa Borg
Unknown Title

Paul S. Brown, La Transgresora (IV)

Paul S. Brown
La Transgresora (IV)

Jose Gonzalez Bueno

Jose Gonzalez Bueno
Unknown Title

Edson Campos, The Seducer

Edson Campos
The Seducer

Dora de Houghton Carrington, Mountain Church

Dora de Houghton Carrington
Mountain Church

Benito Cerna, Dama

Benito Cerna

Jiang, Feng Chang, Dongli Beauty

Jiang, Feng Chang
Dongli Beauty

Dean Cornwell

Dean Cornwell
Unknown Title

Francoise de Felice

Francoise de Felice
Unknown Title

Richard de Premare, Paris, The Mouffetard Market

Richard de Premare
Paris, The Mouffetard Market

Boris Fedorovich Domashnikov, Windows and a Girl

Boris Fedorovich Domashnikov
Windows and a Girl

Lalla Essaydi

Lalla Essaydi
Unknown Title

Justine Florentino

Justine Florentino
Unknown Title

Meadow Gist

Meadow Gist
Unknown Title

John Atkinson Grimshaw, Autumn Gold

John Atkinson Grimshaw
Autumn Gold

Ron Hicks, Untitled

Ron Hicks

Ferdinand Hodler, Madame Godé-Darel, ill

Ferdinand Hodler
Madame Godé-Darel, ill

Erica Hopper

Erica Hopper
Unknown Title

Fabio Hurtado, Interlude

Fabio Hurtado

Karin Jurick, Atlantic Time

Karin Jurick
Atlantic Time

Justyna Kopania

Justyna Kopania
Unknown Title

Jeffrey T. Larson, Canned Crackers

Jeffrey T. Larson
Canned Crackers

Jeremy Lipking, Plein Air

Jeremy Lipking
Plein Air

Fernand Lungren, Washington Square, New York

Fernand Lungren
Washington Square, New York

Iman Maleki, Faith Maleki

Iman Maleki
Faith Maleki

Pedro Roldán Molina

Pedro Roldán Molina
Unknown Title

Liu Maoshan, Autumn

Liu Maoshan

Govinder Nazran

Govinder Nazran
Unknown Title

Edward Willis Redfield, The Riverbank, Lambertville, NJ

Edward Willis Redfield
The Riverbank, Lambertville, NJ

Peggi Kroll Roberts, Red Towels

Peggy Kroll Roberts
Red Towels

Martiros Saryan, The Spring

Martiros Saryan
The Spring

Christian Schloe, Wish

Christian Schloe

Richard Schmid, Spring

Richard Schmid

Peter Sculthorpe, Stone Farm House in Snow

Peter Sculthorpe
Stone Farm House in Snow

François Clément Sommier, At the Exhibition

François Clément Sommier
At the Exhibition

Brian Tull, Before Columbia

Brian Tull
Before Columbia

Walter Vaes, Self-portrait

Walter Vaes

Agnieszka Wencka, Portrait of a Girl

Agnieszka Wencka
Portrait of a Girl

Linda Wilder, Fish Creek

Linda Wilder
Fish Creek

Irving R. Wiles, Memories

Irving R. Wiles

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