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Gallery 312
Paintings by Various Artists
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Bo Bartlett, Manifest Destiny

Bo Bartlett
Manifest Destiny

Daniel Brunet, St. Joseph de la rive

Daniel Brunet
St. Joseph de la rive

Guy Burden, Vogue Paris, May 1978

Guy Burden
Vogue Paris, May 1978

Dora de Houghton Carrington, Spanish Landscape with Mountains

Dora de Houghton Carrington
Spanish Landscape with Mountains

Giuseppe Cavasanti, Pittori Liguri

Giuseppe Cavasanti
Pittori Liguri

Bernard Charoy, Smile

Bernard Charoy

Alexey Chernigina, Good Morning, Beautiful Woman

Alexey Chernigina
Good Morning, Beautiful Woman

Dmitri Danish, St. Augustine in May

Dmitri Danish
St. Augustine in May

Montague Dawson, Crest of a Wave

Montague Dawson
Crest of a Wave

Francoise de Felice,  "My mother and the difficult relationship I had with her are what guide my work" - Combustus

Francoise de Felice
"My mother and the difficult relationship I had with her are what guide my work" - Combustus

Alia El-Bermani, Cary Ann

Alia El-Bermani
Cary Ann

Lalla Essaydi, Les Femmes du Maroc # 45

Lalla Essaydi
Les Femmes du Maroc # 45

Adrianus Eversen, Figures in a Dutch Town

Adrianus Eversen
Figures in a Dutch Town

Ming Feng, Climbing Wild Rose

Ming Feng
Climbing Wild Rose

Marek Fijalkowski, Maria Antonina

Marek Fijalkowski
Maria Antonina

Elena Filatov, Red Dresses

Elena Filatov
Red Dresses

Orazio Gentileschi, Lot and his Daughters

Orazio Gentileschi
Lot and his Daughters

Isaac Israëls, Woman before Sunflowers

Isaac Israëls
Woman before Sunflowers

Karin Jurick, Judgement Day

Karin Jurick
Judgement Day

Andre Kohn, New Hat, series #5

Andre Kohn
New Hat, series #5

Justyna Kopania

Justyna Kopania

Maia Kvelidze

Maia Kvelidze

Marcus Larson, Burning Steamer

Marcus Larson
Burning Steamer

Carl Larsson, Model (Nude) Writing Postcards

Carl Larsson
Model (Nude) Writing Postcards

Sir Thomas Lawrence, Gypsy Girl 

Sir Thomas Lawrence
Gypsy Girl

Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh, Artemis Dreaming 

Margaret Mackintosh MacDonald
Artemis Dreaming

Faiza Maghni 

Faiza Maghni


Claude Monet
In the Meadow

Xi Pan, La Chambre Rose 

Xi Pan
La Chambre Rose

Grzegorz Ptak, Home 

Grzegorz Ptak

Mineke Reinders, Black Winter Came 

Mineke Reinders
Black Winter Came

Peggi Kroll Roberts, Figure Study 

Peggi Kroll Roberts
Figure Study

Godfried Schalken, Young Woman with Lemon 

Godfried Schalken
Young Woman with Lemon

Duffy Sheridan, Nude 

Duffy Sheridan

David Alfaro Siqueiros, The Revolution 

David Alfaro Siqueiros
The Revolution

Edward Slocombe, Queen of Sheba 

Edward Slocombe
Queen of Sheba

Léon Spilliaert, Young Woman and Dog 

Léon Spilliaert
Young Woman and Dog

Leonard Campbell Taylor, The Letter 

Leonard Campbell Taylor
The Letter

Kristin Vestgard 

Kristin Vestgard

Liseth Visser, Bright Side of the Road 

Liseth Visser
Bright Side of the Road

Bertha Wegmann, Portrait of a Young Girl 

Bertha Wegmann
Portrait of a Young Girl

Aaron Allen Westerberg, Harmony in Rose 

Aaron Allen Westerberg
Harmony in Rose

Colley Whisson, Kiewa Valley Cows Australia 

Colley Whisson
Kiewa Valley Cows Australia

Alexei Zaitsev, Remembrance about Provence 

Alexei Zaitsev
Remembrance about Provence

Du Zhuo 

Du Zhuo

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