Bert Christensen's Cyberspace Gallery
Gallery 311
Paintings by Various Artists
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Karol Bak, Blue Dress

Karol Bak
Blue Dress

Hans Jochem Bakker

Hans Jochem Bakker

Andre Balyon

Andre Balyon

Bo Bartlett, The Gatherer

Bo Bartlett
The Gatherer

Evgeny Bashmakov,  A Premonition of Parting

Evgeny Bashmakov
A Premonition of Parting

Claire Basler

Claire Basler

Albert de Belleroche, Etude

Albert de Belleroche

Anna Berezovskaya

Anna Berezovskaya

Aurel Bernath, Walchensee No 2

Aurel Bernath
Walchensee No 2

Vlaho Bukovac, Queen Natalija Obrenovic

Vlaho Bukovac
Queen Natalija Obrenovic

Charles Camoin, Le Clocher de Saint Tropez et la Conche

Charles Camoin
Le Clocher de Saint Tropez
 et la Conche

Fern Isabel Coppedge, Pigeon Cove

Fern Isabel Coppedge
Pigeon Cove

Giuseppe de Nittis, Ritratto di Signora

Giuseppe de Nittis
Ritratto di Signora

Charles Dwyer, Mistral

Charles Dwyer

Gail Eisenfeld, Brooklyn Bridge

Gail Eisenfeld
Brooklyn Bridge

Carrie Fell, Best Friends

Carrie Fell
Best Friends

William Russell Flint, Strawberries

William Russell Flint

Daniel F. Gerhartz, Summer's Last Song

Daniel F. Gerhartz
Summer's Last Song

Henri Gervex, After The Ball

Henri Gervex
After The Ball

Vincent Giarrano, Cityscape

Vincent Giarrano

Yarek Godfrey

Yarek Godfrey

Ernst Graner, Ratzenstadl in Vienna

Ernst Graner
Ratzenstadl in Vienna

Richard Zu Ming Ho, Dances of Two Horses

Richard Zu Ming Ho
Dances of Two Horses

Aditya Ikranegara, Inspired by Klimt Mermaids

Aditya Ikranegara
Inspired by Klimt Mermaids

Isaac Israëls, Lady on the Beach of Viareggio

Isaac Israëls
Lady on the Beach of Viareggio

David Kezevadze

David Kezevadze

Conrad Kiesel, Mandolinenspielerin

Conrad Kiesel

Elena Kiseleva, Marusya

Elena Kiseleva

Dame Laura Knight, The Cornish Coast

Dame Laura Knight
The Cornish Coast

Diane Leonard, Daddy's Home

Diane Leonard
Daddy's Home

Alphonse Mucha, The Moon and the Stars

Alphonse Mucha
The Moon and the Stars

Xi Pan, Self-Portrait

Xi Pan

Ferdinand du Puigaudeau, Garden with White Rose Bush

Ferdinand du Puigaudeau
Garden with White Rose Bush

Paul Ranson, Picking Flowers

Paul Ranson
Picking Flowers

Vicente Romero Redondo, er mundo de manué

Vicente Romero Redondo
er mundo de manué

Igor Samsonov, Hunter

Igor Samsonov

Christian Schad, Bettina

Christian Schad

Christian Schloe, The Wandering Forest

Christian Schloe
The Wandering Forest

Viktor Sheleg

Viktor Sheleg

Alfred Sisley

Alfred Sisley
The Seine at Billancourt

Daniel Sprick

Daniel Sprick

Aaron Allen Westerberg

Aaron Allen Westerberg

Colley Whisson, Midday Sun, Colorado

Colley Whisson
Midday Sun, Colorado

Dawn Whitelaw, Coasters

Dawn Whitelaw

Alexei Zaitsev, Water Lilies

Alexei Zaitsev
Water Lilies

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