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Gallery 309
Paintings by Various Artists
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Vladimir Abat Cherkasov. , Blossoming Season

Vladimir Abat Cherkasov
Blossoming Season

Andrey Aranyshev, Dance

Andrey Aranyshev

Arbe Berberyan

Arbe Berberyan

Timothy Barr, Free Range

Timothy Barr
Free Range

Samuel John "Lamorna"  Birch, Above Lamorna

Samuel John "Lamorna" Birch
Above Lamorna

Oleg Buiko, The Little Hunter

Oleg Buiko
The Little Hunter

Anthony Butera, Old City, Quebec

Anthony Butera
Old City, Quebec

Fern Isabel Coppedge, Bucks County Landscape

Fern Isabel Coppedge
Bucks County Landscape

Alia El-Bermani, Space Between

Alia El-Bermani
Space Between

Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin

Vincent Giarrano, East Village

Vincent Giarrano
East Village

R.C. Gorman, Midnight

R.C. Gorman

Sue Halstenberg,  Victorian Lady in Lavender Lace

Sue Halstenberg
Victorian Lady in Lavender Lace

Steve Hanks

Steve Hanks

Ron Hicks

Ron Hicks

Otto Hierl-Deronco, Portrait of a Young Lady

Otto Hierl-Deronco
Portrait of a Young Lady

Rockwell Kent, Maine Coast, Winter

Rockwell Kent
Maine Coast, Winter

Per Kirkeby, Wut (Rage)

Per Kirkeby
Wut (Rage)

Andre Kohn, Hat Sanatı

Andre Kohn
Hat Sanatı

Polina Kuznetsova, Melancholy

Polina Kuznetsova

Charles Levier

Charles Levier

Anna Mikhailova

Anna Mikhailova

Pedro Roldán Molina, Feliz Navidad

Pedro Roldán Molina
Feliz Navidad

Edvard Munch, Woman on the Veranda

Edvard Munch
Woman on the Veranda

Antal Neogrady, Rendezvous in the Forest

Antal Neogrady
Rendezvous in the Forest

Omar Ortiz

Omar Ortiz

Walter Frederick Osborne, Apple Gathering, Quimperle

Walter Frederick Osborne
Apple Gathering, Quimperle

Pablo Picasso, Portrait of Olga in the Armchair

Pablo Picasso
Portrait of Olga in the Armchair

Tom Roberts, August Afternoon St. Octave

Tom Roberts
August Afternoon St. Octave

Richard Schmid

Richard Schmid

Zinaida Serebryakova, Nude Sleeping

Zinaida Serebryakova
Nude Sleeping

Valentin Serov, Horses on a Shore

Valentin Serov
Horses on a Shore

John Liston Byam Shaw, Goblin Market

John Liston Byam Shaw
Goblin Market

Bernardo Siciliano, Mother

Bernardo Siciliano

Marilyn Simandle Canal at Dusk

Marilyn Simandle
Canal at Dusk

Peter Smeeth,Karina Lee

Peter Smeeth
Karina Lee

Sam Spratt, Anne Hathaway

Sam Spratt
Anne Hathaway

Fedor Aleksandrovich Vasiliev, Rye

Fedor Aleksandrovich Vasiliev

Tomasz Wieczorek, Magical Sunrise in DolomitesTomasz Wieczorek, Magical Sunrise in Dolomites

Tomasz Wieczorek
Magical Sunrise in Dolomites

David Wright, The Captives

David Wright
The Captives

Paul Wunderlich, Dame mit Schobhund

Paul Wunderlich
Dame mit Schobhund

Wolmer Zier, Aarhus Havn

Wolmer Zier
Aarhus Havn

Aydemir Saidov, Serenity

Aydemir Saidov

Zayasaikhan Sambuu (Zaya), Girls from the Mongolian Steppes

Zayasaikhan Sambuu (Zaya)
Girls from the Mongolian Steppes

Alexei Savchenko

Alexei Savchenko

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