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Gallery 306
Paintings by Various Artists
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Karol Bak, The End of the Night

Karol Bak
The End of the Night

Mosè Bianchi, Rainy Day in Milan

Mosè Bianchi
Rainy Day in Milan

Charles Bittinger, Daydreaming

Charles Bittinger

Nikolai Blokhin, Ballerina in Black

Nikolai Blokhin
Ballerina in Black

Pam Carter, Colour in the Sound

Pam Carter
Colour in the Sound

Jean Pierre Cassigneul, Le cerisier

Jean Pierre Cassigneul
Le cerisier

Anne Cotterill, Yellow Roses

Anne Cotterill
Yellow Roses

Frank Cadogan Cowper, The Patient Griselda

Frank Cadogan Cowper
The Patient Griselda

Léonce J. V. de Joncières, Un Déjeuner D'ouvrières aux Tuileries

Léonce J. V. de Joncières
Un Déjeuner D'ouvrières aux Tuileries

Melani Delon, Aube

Melani Delon

Marcel Dyf, Reading at the Studio in Cannes

Marcel Dyf
Reading at the Studio in Cannes

Maurits Cornelis Escher, Dingen van een ander perspectief zien

Maurits Cornelis Escher
Dingen van een ander perspectief zien

Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin, Albydia

Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin

Othon Friesz, Le Pont Neuf

Othon Friesz
Le Pont Neuf

Maurice Fromkes,  Girl Holding Flowers

Maurice Fromkes
Girl Holding Flowers

Cecilio Pla  y Gallardo, The Verbena

Cecilio Pla y Gallardo
The Verbena

Vittorio Gussoni, Woman Nude in a Yellow Hat

Vittorio Gussoni
Woman Nude in a Yellow Hat

Meg den Hartog, Tante Henriette

Meg den Hartog
Tante Henriette

Qiang Huang, Chicago in the Rain

Qiang Huang
Chicago in the Rain

Elena Kiseleva, Katarina Kiseleva

Elena Kiseleva
Katarina Kiseleva

 Andre Kohn, Sea Sun

Andre Kohn
Sea Sun

Martin Lewis, Bay Windows

Martin Lewis
Bay Windows

Malcolm Liepke, Musetouch

Malcolm Liepke

Jean-Étienne Liotard, Lady Ann Somerset, Countess of Northampton

Jean-Étienne Liotard
Lady Ann Somerset,
Countess of Northampton

Veronica Lobareva, Untitled

Veronica Lobareva

Albert Lynch, The White Ribbon

Albert Lynch
The White Ribbon

Jeremy Mann, Nocturne #7, Post St. Downpour

Jeremy Mann
Nocturne #7, Post St. Downpour

Alexander Melnykov

Alexander Melnykov

Willard Leroy Metcalf, Lilacs

Willard Leroy Metcalf

Lesley Richmond, Silver Forest 5 Detail

Lesley Richmond
Silver Forest 5 Detail

Henri Marcel Robert, Stillleben mit Zinien

Henri Marcel Robert
Stillleben mit Zinien

Martinus Rørbye, En Loggia fra Procida

Martinus Rørbye
En Loggia fra Procida

Joël Rougié

Joël Rougié

Richard Schmid, Nancy, the Painter's Wife

Richard Schmid
Nancy, the Painter's Wife

Leopold Schmutzler, Damenbildnis

Leopold Schmutzler

Lin Shun-Shiung

Lin Shun-Shiung

Henri Le Sidaner, The Fisherman's House

Henri Le Sidaner
The Fisherman's House

Olga Suvorova

Olga Suvorova

Armen Vahramyan

Armen Vahramyan

Jean-Baptiste Valadie

Jean-Baptiste Valadie

Apollinaris Vasnetsov

Apollinaris Vasnetsov

Eduard Veith, Portrait Einer Trauernden, Jungen Frau

Eduard Veith
Portrait Einer Trauernden, Jungen Frau

Grzegorz Vrubel,  Stefan Cathedral

Grzegorz Vrubel
Stefan Cathedral

Jan Hendrik Weissenbruch, Shell Cart

Jan Hendrik Weissenbruch
Shell Cart

Liu Yaan

Liu Yaan

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