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Gallery 305
Paintings by Various Artists
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Normann Adelsteen, The Steamship

Normann Adelsteen
The Steamship

Jonathan Ahn, Old Friends

Jonathan Ahn
Old Friends

George Owen Wynne Apperley, La Maja

George Owen Wynne Apperley
La Maja

Mark Arian, Welcome Distraction

Mark Arian
Welcome Distraction

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri aka Guercino, The Libyan Sibyl

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri
aka Guercino

The Libyan Sibyl

Howard Behrens, Woman and Flowers

Howard Behrens
Woman and Flowers

Eugene de Blaas, Portrait of a Young Lady

Eugene de Blaas
Portrait of a Young Lady

Goxwa Borg, Dozing

Goxwa Borg

Andre Brasilier, Chantal with Flowers

Andre Brasilier
Chantal with Flowers

Fred Calleri

Fred Calleri

Ramon Casas, Julia

Ramon Casas

Isabel Codrington, Agnes

Isabel Codrington

Guy Covelli

Guy Covelli

Léon de Smet, Woman in a Green Blouse

Léon de Smet
Woman in a Green Blouse

Karen Dupré, Femme fatale

Karen Dupré
Femme fatale

Eyvind Earle, Snowy Mountain

Eyvind Earle
Snowy Mountain

Jacques Moreau-Gaudry

Jacques Moreau-Gaudry

R.C. Gorman, Proud Lady

R.C. Gorman
Proud Lady

Giovanni Grignaschi

Giovanni Grignaschi

Ciardi Guglielmo, Il Porto di Anzio

Ciardi Guglielmo
Il Porto di Anzio

Armin Hansen, Stormy Sea

Armin Hansen
Stormy Sea

George Henry, Lady with a Green Scarf

George Henry
Lady with a Green Scarf

George Elgar Hicks, Fair Critics

George Elgar Hicks
Fair Critics

Olli Joki, A Dancing Woman

Olli Joki
A Dancing Woman

Adolf Kaufmann, Enten am Bauernhof

Adolf Kaufmann
Enten am Bauernhof

Dame Laura Knight, Lamorna Cove

Dame Laura Knight
Lamorna Cove

Dame Laura Knight, Self Portrait

Dame Laura Knight
Self Portrait

Stepan Kolesnikov, Before the Storm

Stepan Kolesnikov
Before the Storm

Joszi Arpad Koppay, Victorian Lady

Joszi Arpad Koppay
Victorian Lady

Frantisek Kupka, The Red Lipstick / Le Rouge à lèvres

Frantisek Kupka
The Red Lipstick / Le Rouge à lèvres

Georges Lemmen, The Florist

Georges Lemmen
The Florist

Franz Seraph von Lenbach, Marion Lenbach

Franz Seraph von Lenbach
Marion Lenbach

Gustave Loiseau, The Suspension Bridge

Gustave Loiseau
The Suspension Bridge

Joseph Lorusso, Mischievous Grin

Joseph Lorusso
Mischievous Grin

Francisco Masriera Y Manovens, La ofendida

Francisco Masriera Y Manovens
La ofendida

Alexander Melnikov, Actresses

Alexander Melnikov

John Everett Millais, The Violet's Message

John Everett Millais
The Violet's Message

Ioannis Nikiforakis, Untitled

Ioannis Nikiforakis

Fairfield Porter, Forsythia and Pear in Bloom

Fairfield Porter
Forsythia and Pear in Bloom

Dod Procter, Self Portrait

Dod Procter
Self Portrait

Mary Qian

Mary Qian

Georges Antoine Rochegrosseles, Nude in Harem

Georges Antoine Rochegrosseles
Nude in Harem

Helene Schjerfbeck, Self-Portrait with Silver Background

Helene Schjerfbeck
Self-Portrait with Silver Background

Duffy Sheridan, The Confidant

Duffy Sheridan
The Confidant

Alexander Sigov, Girl with Music Player

Alexander Sigov
Girl with Music Player

Keiko Tanabe, Paris Cafe

Keiko Tanabe
Paris Cafe

Claude Theberge, Poisson Rouge

Claude Theberge
Poisson Rouge

Keinyo White, Ingenue

Keinyo White

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