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Gallery 302
Paintings by Various Artists
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Adriano Augusto. Black Widow

Adriano Augusto
Black Widow

Andrei Belichenko &  Maria Boohtiyarova, Le Manoir Normond

Andrei Belichenko & MariaBoohtiyarova
Le Manoir Normond

Carlo Brancaccio, Boulevard Corner,  Paris

Carlo Brancaccio
Boulevard Corner, Paris

Joshua Burbank, Urban Madonna

Joshua Burbank
Urban Madonna

Joseph Capicotto, Sounds of Passion

Joseph Capicotto
Sounds of Passion

Ramon Casas, Unpublished Drawing

Ramon Casas
Unpublished Drawing

Alvaro Castagnet, La Havana, Cuba

Alvaro Castagnet
La Havana, Cuba

David Chauvin

David Chauvin

Christopher Clark

Christopher Clark
Gazing Out to Sea

Marcel Dyf, Claudine et son Chat

Marcel Dyf
Claudine et son Chat

Francois Fressinier, La Dauce Vie

Francois Fressinier
La Dauce Vie

Daniel F. Gerhartz, Sophisticated

Daniel F. Gerhartz

Alexander Gorbikov, Still Life

Alexander Gorbikov
Still Life

Adolph Gottlieb, Jagged

Adolph Gottlieb

Carl Holsoe, Interior with the Lady at the Piano

Carl Holsoe
Interior with the Lady at the Piano

Lu Jianjun

Lu Jianjun
In the Palace

Wassily Kandinsky, Murnau – Landschaft mit grünem Haus

Wassily Kandinsky
Murnau – Landschaft mit grünem Haus

Dame Laura Knight, Along the Cornish Cliffs

Dame Laura Knight
Along the Cornish Cliffs

Andrea Kowch, In the Distance

Andrea Kowch
In the Distance

Leon Kroll, Nude Woman Reading a Paper

Leon Kroll
Nude Woman Reading a Paper

Jimmy Lawlor, Light Reading

Jimmy Lawlor
Light Reading

Maria Lazareva

Maria Lazareva
In April

Malcolm Liepke

Malcolm Liepke
Red Lips

Norman Lindsay, She Arrives

Norman Lindsay
She Arrives

Bryce Cameron Liston, An Aura of Fragrances

Bryce Cameron Liston
An Aura of Fragrances

Kasimir Malevich, Self-Portrait

Kasimir Malevich

Antonio Mancini, Adieu Paris,The-Customs

Antonio Mancini
Adieu Paris,The-Customs

Édouard Manet, Clematis In a Crystal Vase

Édouard Manet
Clematis In a Crystal Vase

Abram Manevitch, Portrait of Lucy

Abram Manevitch
Portrait of Lucy

Anika Manuel, Cherry Blossom Girl

Anika Manuel
Cherry Blossom Girl

Hugo Öfverström

Hugo Öfverström

Pablo Picasso, Girl before a Mirror

Pablo Picasso
Girl before a Mirror

Louis Pisani, Рortrait of a Lady

Louis Pisani
Рortrait of a Lady

Mineke Reinders, Autumn

Mineke Reinders

Miguel Linares Rios

Miguel Linares Rios

Martiros Saryan, Ashtarak

Martiros Saryan

Edward Seago, Approaching Storm, near River Thurne, Norfolk

Edward Seago
Approaching Storm,
near River Thurne, Norfolk

Elena Skitsyuk, Twilight Whirl Painting

Elena Skitsyuk
Twilight Whirl Painting

Jan Sluijters, A Portrait of a Woman Wearing a Veil

Jan Sluijters
A Portrait of a Woman Wearing a Veil

Olga Suvorova, Music

Olga Suvorova

Maurice Utrillo, Cabaret Lapine Agile II, Monmatre

Maurice Utrillo
Cabaret Lapine Agile II, Monmatre

Gerda Wegener, Ulla Poulsen

Gerda Wegener
Ulla Poulsen

Carlo Wostry, A Parisian News Kiosk

Carlo Wostry
A Parisian News Kiosk

Chen Yongle, Love of Butterfly

Chen Yongle
Love of Butterfly

Caroline Young, Courage and Devotion

Caroline Young
Courage and Devotion

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