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Gallery 299
Paintings by Various Artists
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Ilyas Aidarov

Ilyas Aidarov

Michael Ancher, A Stroll on the Beach

Michael Ancher
A Stroll on the Beach

Henry Arifin, Trams

Henry Arifin

Rolf Armstrong

Rolf Armstrong
Bebe Daniels

Henry Bacon, Along the Seine

Henry Bacon
Along the Seine

Bo Bartlett, The Promised Land

Bo Bartlett
The Promised Land

Cecil Beaton, Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor

Cecil Beaton
Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor

Gennady Bernadsky

Gennady Bernadsky
A Diary

Jacquelyn Bischak, The Window Seat

Jacquelyn Bischak
The Window Seat

Goxwa Borg, Flora

Goxwa Borg

Sergio Cerchi, Between the Moon and the Sun, a Woman in White

Sergio Cerchi
Between the Moon and the Sun,
 a Woman in White

Bernard Charoy, Clara dans l'atelier

Bernard Charoy
Clara dans l'atelier

Haibo Chi, Crane Dance

Haibo Chi
Crane Dance

Dmitri Danish

Dmitri Danish
first Raindrops

Anna Ermolaeva, Portrait of a Woman

Anna Ermolaeva
Portrait of a Woman

Carl Froschl, Familienszene mit Hund und Papage

Carl Froschl
Familienszene mit Hund und Papage

Carol Grigg, Awareness

Carol Grigg

Gilles Grimoin, Wind and Wutherings

Gilles Grimoin
Wind and Wutherings

Alexander Ilichev

Alexander Ilichev

Valeria Kotsareva, Dessert

Valeria Kotsareva

Josef Kriehuber, Self-Portrait

Josef Kriehuber

Arsen Kurbanov, Mariella

Arsen Kurbanov

Boris Kustodiev

Boris Kustodiev

Carl Larsson

Carl Larsson
Woman Lying on a Bench

Henri Lehmann, The Italian Girl

Henri Lehmann
The Italian Girl

William Ewart Lockhart, Touzie

William Ewart Lockhart

Joseph Lorusso

Joseph Lorusso
A Seaside Drive

William Henry Margetson  Garden Path

William Henry Margetso
Garden Path

Scott Mattlin, Prelude

Scott Mattlin

Albert Moore, Shuttlecock

Albert Moore

Silvia Pavlova

Silvia Pavlova

Charles Sprague Pearce, Beatrix

Charles Sprague Pearce

Heide E. Presse, I'm Hungry

Heide E. Presse
I'm Hungry

Guy Rose, In the Oak Grove

Guy Rose
In the Oak Grove

Harry Herman Roseland, A Lookout to Sea

Harry Herman Roseland
A Lookout to Sea

Alexey Savrasov, By Late Summer on the Volga

Alexey Savrasov
By Late Summer on the Volga

Richard Schmid, Olympic House

Richard Schmid
Olympic House

Thérèse Schwartze, Self Portrait

Thérèse Schwartze
Self Portrait

Konstantin Somov

Konstantin Somov
Date Night

John Bulloch Souter, The Yellow Dress

John Bulloch Souter
The Yellow Dress

Adrien Henri Tanoux, La belleza del harén

Adrien Henri Tanoux
La belleza del harén

Alekhnovich Gennadiy Viktorovich, Red Hunter

Alekhnovich Gennadiy Viktorovich
Red Hunter

Gerda Wegener, Queen of Hearts

Gerda Wegener
Queen of Hearts

Emilia Wilk

Emilia Wilk

Alexander Zavarin

Alexander Zavarin

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