Bert Christensen's Cyberspace Gallery
Gallery 291
Paintings by Various Artists
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Richard Ahnert, Messenger

Richard Ahnert

Ilyas Aidarov

Ilyas Aidarov

Ulrika Andersson, Elsa

Ulrika Andersson

Bruno Angel

Bruno Angel

Rainer Augur

Rainer Augur

Teodor Axentowicz, Portrait of Young Girl

Teodor Axentowicz
Portrait of Young Girl

Bo Bartlett,  Betsy in the Mirror

Bo Bartlett
Betsy in the Mirror

Ivan Bilibin, Churchyard Yuroma on Mezen

Ivan Bilibin
Churchyard Yuroma on Mezen

Wladyslaw Chmielinsk, Wintry Cityscape

Wladyslaw Chmielinski
Wintry Cityscape

Xie Chuyu, At the Waterside

Xie Chuyu
At the Waterside

Elicia Edijanto, Away

Elicia Edijanto

Kim English, Busy Streets

Kim English
Busy Streets

Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin, Summer

Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin

Slava Fokk, Rose

Slava Fokk

Antonio De La Gandara, Maria Hardouin D'Annunzio

Antonio De La Gandara
Maria Hardouin D'Annunzio

Warwick Goble, The Moon Maiden

Warwick Goble
The Moon Maiden

Konstantin Gorbatov, On the Quay

Konstantin Gorbatov
On the Quay

Dan Graziano, Slightly North of Broad

Dan Graziano
Slightly North of Broad

Jacqueline Hoebers, Back in Time

Jacqueline Hoebers
Back in Time

Vincenzo Irolli, Reverie

Vincenzo Irolli

Sung ki Jeon

Sung ki Jeon

Dorothy Johnstone, Anne Finlay

Dorothy Johnstone
Anne Finlay

Martin Lewis, Subway Steps

Martin Lewis
Subway Steps

Gustave Loiseau, River in Autumn

Gustave Loiseau
River in Autumn

Albert Lynch, Head of a Girl

Albert Lynch
Head of a Girl

Vladimir Lyubarov, Ski Race

Vladimir Lyubarov
Ski Race

Anika Manuel, This Side of Paradise

Anika Manuel
This Side of Paradise

Edouard André Marty, Les  Ailes dans le vent

Edouard André Marty
Les Ailes dans le vent

Dejan Deki Milivojevic

Dejan Deki Milivojevic

Vladimir Mukhin, East Express
Vladimir Mukhin
East Express

Peter Alexandrovich Nilus, On the Bridge

Peter Alexandrovich Nilus
On the Bridge

Jonathan Benoit Ouimet, A little hope and a whole lot of bitterness

Jonathan Benoit Ouimet
A little hope and a whole
lot of bitterness

Sergey Panin

Sergey Panin

Albert Joseph Penot, Jeune fille au noeud orange

Albert Joseph Penot
Jeune fille au noeud orange

Flavia Pitis, Craftmanship

Flavia Pitis

Vyacheslav Plotnikov, Fashionista Hat

Vyacheslav Plotnikov
Fashionista Hat

Amy Polling, Catherine Deneuve, Les Bohèmes de Paris

Amy Polling
Catherine Deneuve,
Les Bohèmes de Paris

Paul Ranson, Lotus

Paul Ranson

Frederick Cayley Robinson, The Call of the Sea

Frederick Cayley Robinson
The Call of the Sea

Théo van Rysselberghe, White Peonies

Théo van Rysselberghe
White Peonies

Ivan Shishkin

Ivan Shishkin

Maria Pavlova Stanislavovna

Maria Pavlova Stanislavovna

Viktor Stretti, Lady with a Statue

Viktor Stretti
Lady with a Statue

Vladimir Sukovatykh

Vladimir Sukovatykh

Olga Suvorova, Princesa Nadie

Olga Suvorova
Princesa Nadie

Apollinaris Vasnetsov, The Couriers

Apollinaris Vasnetsov
The Couriers

Jennifer Yoswa, The Girl with the Chartreuse Eyes

Jennifer Yoswa
The Girl with the Chartreuse Eyes

Ignacio Zuloaga y Zabaleta, Reclining Maja with Blue and Gold Artwork

Ignacio Zuloaga y Zabaleta
Reclining Maja with Blue
and Gold Artwork

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