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Gallery 288
Paintings by Various Artists
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Richard Ahnert, Go Ahead, Say It

Richard Ahnert
Go Ahead, Say It

Nick Alm, Champagne Breakfast

Nick Alm
Champagne Breakfast

Ashot Asatryan

Ashot Asatryan

Rainer Augur, Stand Still

Rainer Augur
Stand Still

Alice Pike Barney, Odette Tyler Shepherd

Alice Pike Barney
Odette Tyler Shepherd

Casey Baugh, Quick Sketch

Casey Baugh
Quick Sketch

Trish Biddle, Sailor

Trish Biddle

Goxwa Borg

Goxwa Borg

Ada Breedveld, Lazy Holiday

Ada Breedveld
Lazy Holiday

Henciu Daniel Bulimarm, Morning Blue

Henciu Daniel Bulimar
Morning Blue

Victor Colesnicenco (AKA NEMO), New York Central

Victor Colesnicenco (AKA NEMO)
New York Central

Phil Couture, Aki

Phil Couture

Michele Del Campo, Backdoor

Michele Del Campo

Kasia Derwinska, Snail’s Dream

Kasia Derwinska
Snail’s Dream

Jean-Gabriel Domergue, Elegant Woman with a Fan

Jean-Gabriel Domergue
Elegant Woman with a Fan

Cuadro Jorge Frasca, Almacén de Bragado

Cuadro Jorge Frasca
Almacén de Bragado

Dan Graziano, Dice Head Morning

Dan Graziano
Dice Head Morning

Edward John Gregory, The Skater

Edward John Gregory
The Skater

Carol Grigg, The Loss

Carol Grigg
The Loss

Oleg Gurenkov, Bewitched

Oleg Gurenkov

Tomas Harker, Flicker and Flare

Tomas Harker
Flicker and Flare

Dorothy Webster Hawksley, Summer

Dorothy Webster Hawksley

Hans Heyerdahl, At the Window

Hans Heyerdahl
At the Window

Tatyana Ilieva, Runway

Tatyana Ilieva

Arup Jensen, Busy Traffic in a Port with Tugs

Arup Jensen
Busy Traffic in a Port with Tugs

Margarita Karev, Ghostly Beauty

Margarita Kareva
Ghostly Beauty

Konstantin Korovin, Bastille

Konstantin Korovin

Murman Kutchava, Bewildered

Murman Kutchava

George Dunlop Leslie, Five O'clock

George Dunlop Leslie
Five O'clock

Nydia Lozano, Flores

Nydia Lozano

Anika Manuel, Twiggy in Yellow

Anika Manuel
Twiggy in Yellow

Nazim Mehmet, Untitled

Nazim Mehmet

Anthony Moman, I Want the Passion of Youth

Anthony Moman
I Want the Passion of Youth

Keith Nash, Just the Two of Us

Keith Nash
Just the Two of Us

Georges Picard,  A Nymph and Forest Fairies

Georges Picard
A Nymph and Forest Fairies

Flavia Pitis, Depth of Happiness

Flavia Pitis
Depth of Happiness

Enrico Sacchetti, Negro e Ballerina

Enrico Sacchetti
Negro e Ballerina

Bayram Salamov, Morning Coffee

Bayram Salamov
Morning Coffee

Duffy Sheridan, Whereupon the Maid of Heaven Looked out of her Exalted Chamber

Duffy Sheridan
Whereupon the Maid of Heaven
Looked out of her Exalted Chamber

Alexia Sinclair, Agrippina – “The Poisoness”

Alexia Sinclair
Agrippina – “The Poisoness”

Agustin Redon Subirats

Agustin Redon Subirats

Ettore Tito, Queen Victoria and Princess Royal Visit Napolean's Boudoir

Ettore Tito
Queen Victoria and Princess
Royal Visit to Napolean's Boudoir

Sherree Valentine Daines

Sherree Valentine Daines
Champagne Rendezvous

Alexander Zavarin, Thank You, my Dear!

Alexander Zavarin
Thank You, my Dear!

Joseph Zbukvic

Joseph Zbukvic

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