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Gallery 286
Paintings by Various Artists
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Vano Abuladze

Vano Abuladze

Rainer Augur, Easy Rider

Rainer Augur
Easy Rider

Karin Best, Dance the Pique

Karin Best
Dance the Pique

Goxwa Borg

Goxwa Borg

Cayetano de Arquer Buigas, Playing Violin

Cayetano de Arquer Buigas
Playing Violin

Beatris Burgoin, The Sense of Life

Beatris Burgoin
The Sense of Life

Gaston Bussiere, Dance of the Veils

Gaston Bussiere
Dance of the Veils

Anglada Camarasa, Sonia de Klamery, Countess of Pradere

Anglada Camarasa
Sonia de Klamery, Countess of Pradere

Théodore Chassériau, La Toilette d'Esther

Théodore Chassériau
La Toilette d'Esther

Vittorio Matteo Corcos, Ritratto di Lina Cavalieri

Vittorio Matteo Corcos
Ritratto di Lina Cavalieri

Gustave Dore, Flower Sellers of London

Gustave Dore
Flower Sellers of London

Franz Bohumil Doubek,  Water Nymphs

Franz Bohumil Doubek
Water Nymphs

Alexander Fedorov, Alliance

Alexander Fedorov

Michael Fitzpatrick, In the Wings

Michael Fitzpatrick
In the Wings

Jean-Honoré Fragonard, The Girl with the Marmot

Jean-Honoré Fragonard
The Girl with the Marmot

Michael Godfrey, Weather from the East, Gros Ventre River

Michael Godfrey
Weather from the East,
Gros Ventre River

Tracie Grimwood, I am Watched Over

Tracie Grimwood
I am Watched Over

René Gruau, Millinery Dior illustration

René Gruau
Millinery Dior illustration

George Percy Jacomb-Hood, English Pointer

George Percy Jacomb-Hood
English Pointer

Frida Kahlo, Me and My Parrots

Frida Kahlo
Me and My Parrots

Margarita Karev, Hats

Margarita Kareva

Mario Keglevic, Patiently Waiting

Mario Keglevic
Patiently Waiting

Philip Alexius de Laszlo, Dame Helen Gwynne-Vaughan

Philip Alexius de Laszlo
Dame Helen Gwynne-Vaughan

Sir Thomas Lawrence, The Hon Caroline Upton

Sir Thomas Lawrence
The Hon Caroline Upton

John Geoffrey Caruthers Little

John Geoffrey Caruthers Little

Taras Loboda, Artemis Dreaming

Taras Loboda
Artemis Dreaming

Andrew Macara, Matterhorn, Zermatt

Andrew Macara
Matterhorn, Zermatt

Kim Nelson, Senza Titolo

Kim Nelson
Senza Titolo

Stanislav Nikireev

Stanislav Nikireev

Peter Alexandrovich Nilus, The Visit

Peter Alexandrovich Nilus
The Visit

Jon Paul, Along Came a Duke

Jon Paul
Along Came a Duke

Robert Reid, Tempting Sweets

Robert Reid
Tempting Sweets

Iliya Repin, Summer Day in Abramtsevo

Iliya Repin
Summer Day in Abramtsevo

Henry Ryland, Maiden with a Laurel Wreath

Henry Ryland
Maiden with a Laurel Wreath

Masaaki Sasamoto

Masaaki Sasamoto

Odile de Schwilgue

Odile de Schwilgue

Vladimir Soldatkin

Vladimir Soldatkin

Edward J. Steichen, Martha Graham

Edward J. Steichen
Martha Graham

Leonard Campbell Taylor, Meditation

Leonard Campbell Taylor

Urszula Tekieli, Vale et me ama

Urszula Tekieli
Vale et me ama

Ettore Tito, Portrait of a Young Peasant

Ettore Tito
Portrait of a Young Peasant

Karina Voloshko

Karina Voloshko

Zhaoming Wu, One Moment More

Zhaoming Wu
One Moment More

Paul Wunderlich, Daniela im Seitenlicht

Paul Wunderlich
Daniela im Seitenlicht

Dariusz Zejmo, Amante gondoliere

Dariusz Zejmo
Amante gondoliere

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