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William Shih-Chieh Hung
Chinese, Born 1928
William Shih-Chieh Hung's Web Site
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Lying Down Lying Down
Susie Hsueh-Ping Hung Susie Hsueh-Ping Hung
Black and White Black and White
Back Back
Young American Lady Young American Lady
Moonlight Moonlight
Noon Noon
Three Girls in the Valley Three Girls in the Valley
Self Portrait with Wife Self Portrait with Wife
Profile Profile
On the Hilltop On the Hilltop
Summer Sunshine Summer Sunshine
Maria and Marina Maria and Marina
The Reading Stone The Reading Stone
The Bathers The Bathers
Blue and White Blue and White
Sunshine Sunshine
Reading in the Green Valley Reading in the Green Valley
Beach Beach
A Long Night A Long Night
Lying Down at Lakeside Lying Down at Lakeside


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