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Pino (Giuseppe Dangelico)
Italian, 1939-2010
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Dressing Up Dressing Up
Evening Thoughts Evening Thoughts
Lady in Spring Bonnet Lady in Spring Bonnet
Anticipation Anticipation
Tea Time Tea Time
Lazy Afternoon Lazy Afternoon
Passive Moment Passive Moment
Sensuality Sensuality
Lauren Lauren
Alexia Alexia
Longevity Longevity
The Yellow Robe The Yellow Robe
Blue Reflections Blue Reflections
Morning Breeze Morning Breeze
Long Day Long Day
Marlene Marlene
Precious Time Precious Time
Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
Angelica Angelica
Day Dream Day Dream
Reflections Reflections
The Dining Room The Dining Room
Title Unknown  Pino (Giuseppe Dangelico), Title Unknown
The Matriarch The Matriarch


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