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Gleaned From the World Wide Web
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Compact Mouse Two cats Redwinged blackbird "smoking"
Two Mosse Kissing Three dogs singing birds in confrontation
girl watching a butterfly through rainy window flower on a red background bronze statue of a couple dancing
Ballet dancers "flying" Lioness berating a lion men and a polar bear using a urinal
Frog hanging from a flower bud twisting rope bridge Cat watching a dog through a window
Three raccoons peeking out of a street grate Train falling off a trestle bridge Polar bear falling on ice
Bee sitting on an eyeball Huge quantity of broken glass on a road Power outage in eastern Canada & USA
Construction equipment hitting a bridge "Only in Canada" guys drinking beer on an ice floe telephone booth on the moon
Round cloud over a mountain Frog jumping out of a jar. Ducks & ducklings crossing a highway
Coyote in a bus seat Wolf leapfrogging over a sheep Cat on a branch looking at a full moon
Ship approaching a cyclone cloud Metal grator toilet paper A fox amongst a pack of hounds
A kitten in a woman's cleavage Holstein cow with map of the world markings The Great Wall of China
Waves washing over a lighthouse Ice encrusted lighthouse Up and down road
Meerkats on Patrol Teach/Learn mirror image "Trippy" picture of a woman