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A. J. Casson
Canadian, Member of The Group of Seven, 1898 - 1992
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Houses in The Ward Houses in The Ward
Hillside Village Hillside Village
A Breezy Day A Breezy Day
Algoma Algoma
Lake Qushog Lake Qushog
Anglican Church at Magnetawan Anglican Church at Magnetawan
Antique Store
Birch Leaves in Winter Birch Leaves in Winter
Credit Falls Credit Falls
Lumberman's Cabin Lumberman's Cabin
Old House, Haliburton Old House, Haliburton
Picnic Island Picnic Island
Pike Lake Pike Lake
Rain, Mist and Sun Rain, Mist and Sun
Silver Morning Silver Morning
Summer Hillside. Kamaniskeg Summer Hillside. Kamaniskeg
Sunset, Algonquin Park Sunset, Algonquin Park
Village at Sundown Village at Sundown
White Pine White Pine


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