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Gallery 281
Paintings by Various Artists
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Sarah Atkinson, Graceful Contemplation

Sarah Atkinson
Graceful Contemplation

Teodor Axentowicz, A Woman with a Yellow Rose

Teodor Axentowicz
A Woman with a Yellow Rose

Nuria Baena, Hainuwele y otros poemas

Nuria Baena
Hainuwele y otros poemas

George Hamilton Barrable, A Song Without Words

George Hamilton Barrable
A Song Without Words

Jean Béraud, Jeune femme au bouquet de fleurs

Jean Béraud
Jeune femme au bouquet de fleurs

Michael Carson, Undressing

Michael Carson

Ramón Casas, Decadence

Ramón Casas

Émilie Charmy, Autoportrait avec chapeau

Émilie Charmy
Autoportrait avec chapeau

James Christensen, Finding Your Fish

James Christensen
Finding Your Fish

Francoise de Felice, Fleur de pivoine

Francoise de Felice
Fleur de pivoine

Giuseppe de Nittis, Le kimono couleur orang

Giuseppe de Nittis
Le kimono couleur orang

Villani Gennaro, Before the Bath

Villani Gennaro
Before the Bath

Daniel F. Gerhartz, Falling Tendrils

Daniel F. Gerhartz
Falling Tendrils

Moussin Irjan, What Warms the Soul?

Moussin Irjan
What Warms the Soul?

Irena Jablonski, Sea Creature

Irena Jablonski
Sea Creature

Gustave Jean Jacquet, The Debutant

Gustave Jean Jacquet
The Debutant

Alexei Kharlamov, Yuzhanka with a Shawl

Alexei Kharlamov
Yuzhanka with a Shawl

Andre Kohn

Andre Kohn

Justyna Kopania, Ballet

Justyna Kopania

Konstantin Korovin, Portrait of a Seated Lady

Konstantin Korovin
Portrait of a Seated Lady

Vitaly Kotikov

Vitaly Kotikov

Calvin Lai, Lila Thinking

Calvin Lai
Lila Thinking

Jimmy Lawlor, Sea Symphony

Jimmy Lawlor
Sea Symphony

Malcolm Liepke, Ice Blue

Malcolm Liepke
Ice Blue

Otto Theodor Gustav Lingner, Water Nymph

Otto Theodor Gustav Lingner
Water Nymph

Isaac Maimon, Tea Time

Isaac Maimon
Tea Time

Edward Greene Malbone, Ms. James Lowndes (Catherine Osborne)

Edward Greene Malbone
Ms. James Lowndes
(Catherine Osborne)

Édouard Manet, Self Portrait

Édouard Manet
Self Portrait

Jeremy Mann, Lacrymosa

Jeremy Mann

Danny McBride, Red Hat

Danny McBride
Red Hat

Richard Emil Miller, Breezy Day

Richard Emil Miller
Breezy Day

Yutaka Murakami

Yutaka Murakami

William Oxer, The Glance

William Oxer
The Glance

Oksana Reznik, Dream

Oksana Reznik

Juana Romani,  Portait de jeune fille

Juana Romani
Portait de jeune fille

Thomas Saliot, Blame it on Ipanema

Thomas Saliot
Blame it on Ipanema

James Jebusa Shannon, The Purple Stocking

James Jebusa Shannon
The Purple Stocking

Duffy Sheridan, Innocence

Duffy Sheridan

Vladimir Volegov, Red Scarf

Vladimir Volegov
Red Scarf

Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut

Edwin Lord Weeks, Indian Prince and Parade Ceremony

Edwin Lord Weeks
Indian Prince and Parade Ceremony

Ezshwan Winding

Ezshwan Winding

Tan Jian Wu

Tan Jian Wu

Chie Yoshii, Mask

Chie Yoshii

Bhavesh Zala, Rainy Market

Bhavesh Zala
Rainy Market

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