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Louis Ritman
American, 1889 - 1963
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A Day in July
At the Piano At the Piano
Dormitory Breakfast Dormitory Breakfast
Early Morning Early Morning
Early Morning Sunshine (At the Window, Giverny) Early Morning Sunshine (At the Window, Giverny)
In a Garden In a Garden
Jean Jean
Lady by a Window Lady by a Window
Lily Garden Lily Garden
Morning Leisure Morning Leisure
On the Epte On the Epte
Pruning Pruning
Quiet Afternoon Quiet Afternoon
Reflected Light Reflected Light
Rene Rene
Repose in the Garden Repose in the Garden
Sun Kissed Nude Image removed by order of Brad Larson, Director of the Oshkosh Public Museum
Sun Spots (Arranging Flowers) Sun Spots (Arranging Flowers)
Sunlight Sunlight
The Blue Sash The Blue Sash
The Boudoir The Boudoir
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