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Kees Van Dongen
Dutch, 1877 - 1968
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Moorish Dancing Girl Moorish Dancing Girl
The Young Arab The Young Arab
Anita ou la Gitane Apprivoisee Anita ou la Gitane Apprivoisee
At the Folies Bergeres At the Folies Bergeres
The Bather The Bather
Dancers - Revel and Coco Dancers - Revel and Coco
Dolly Dolly
Corn Poppy Corn Poppy
Elegant Woman In a Hat Elegant Woman In a Hat
Femme Fatale Femme Fatale
Femmen à l´Éventail Femmen à l´Éventail
Harem Harem
La Parisienne La Parisienne
Nude with Balloon Nude with Balloon
Portrait de Madame Portrait de Madame
Portrait of a Young Woman Portrait of a Young Woman
Prostitute Prostitute
Reclining Nude Reclining Nude
Fernande Olivier Fernande Olivier
Gypsy Gypsy
Red Dancer Red Dancer
Mädchenakt - Fille nue Mädchenakt - Fille nue
Woman in Green Woman in Green
Woman with Flowered Hat Woman with Flowered Hat
Portrait of a Woman Portrait of a Woman


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