Greta Garbo
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Anatidaephobia Nap Time Anne Bancroft
Bianca Beauchamp The Big Catch NASA's Big Guppy
Lunch Claudia Cardinale Catch Me if You Can
Bathers at a Chicago Beach, ca. 1925 Jacques Cousteau Cat by Albert Dubout
Jane Fonda Greta Garbo After a Long Night...
Lillian Gish Hitchcock by Philippe Halsman Photo by Kassandra
Koalas By Diana Lapshin Lightning
Sophia Loren Cats and Mouse Mud
Nutcracker Annie Oakley Paris-1900s
Painting by Maria Pavlova Peggy Lee Photo by Gabriele Rignon
Rye, East Sussex Photo by Vlad Shutov I'm Sick...
Socks for Treats Discovered Ebay Sophia by Gian Paolo Barbier
Terminal, by Alfred Steiglitz, 1892 Photo by Brian Stevensen Elizabeth Taylor
Timber! Trees on a Roof Trump Your Cat
Wagon Train Waterloo Bridge ca.1920 Winter Wedding