Colourful dancer
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Elizabeth Arden ad Dandelions Amber necklace
Colourful dancer Cats and unicycles Amber Valletta
Photo by Dieter Biskamp Photo by Norman Parkinson Frog by Jeffrey Vanhoutte
Pelicans Bird holding a fish Birds arguing
Dog on a dinner plate Bride walking through the rain Two birds standing in water
Dog with a bone on a plate Sheep waiting to use a washroom Photo by Ami Vitale
Pelican catching a fish in midair Goats on a couch Cartoon about birds on a wire
Meerkats Woman in a red dress Old woman applying eye makeup
Dog's nose in a knothole Bird and cat in a tree Pigs on a beach
Cat using a computer  Cat that ate too much  Old Lincoln ad 
Photo by Alex Krivtsov  Alfred Hitchcock serving tea to Leo the Lion MGMs mascot 1958  Take-off on Michaelangelo's Cistine Ceiling 
Four kittens on a dog  Photo by Andre Brito  Barbara Streisand 
Patriots' Super Bowl Rings  Photo by Frank Herhold  Photo by Herb Ritts 
By Kai Zieh  Photo by Michele Clement  Peggy Lee 
Photo by Robert M. Johnson  By Wayne Pearson  "Summer" poster by William Welsh