Only in Israel
Only in Israel
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Monkey and Cat Crossing the Desert Dogs Watching TV
Sophia Lauren Transporting Camels Wrong Country
Sheep in a Fog Open Wide. Let me Check that Molar Precarious Road
Chilling Out A Second Story Job Finally, Made it.
Zig Zag Sheep The prize Whoa. What's that?
Up to date Statue Pork! The Morning Aftera
Can I Keep Him? Can I? Assistant Camera Cat What am I Going to Do?
Quiet! Stay where You are! Interesting Reading Goat Ferry
Difficult Entry Let Me have it Now Spilt Milk
Jaunty Camel Chorus Line Snow Blown
Ouch! Not Any More Howling Lesson
Car Bodies Fly vulgaris Being Watched
Halloween in Japan Engineering Gone Wrong Louis Vuitton Store in Paris
Only in Israel  River in Manilla  Pix by Eileen Sidney 
Painting by Vittorio Matteo Corcos  Snow in Vorkuta, 1961 Glass Pathway