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Gallery 254
Paintings by Various Artists
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Louis Abel-Truchet, Élegante au jardin

Louis Abel-Truchet
Élegante au jardin

Carrie L. Ballantyne, Wyoming Blue Eyes

Carrie L. Ballantyne
Wyoming Blue Eyes

Archibald George Barnes

Archibald George Barnes

Mariya Konstaninovna Bashkirtseva

Mariya Konstaninovna Bashkirtseva

Lewis Baumer, Noel Streatfeild

Lewis Baumer
Noel Streatfeild

Hamish Blakely, The Artist's Chair

Hamish Blakely
The Artist's Chair

Goxwa Borg, Black Fan

Goxwa Borg
Black Fan

James Childs, Portrait of Carolyne Roehm

James Childs
Portrait of Carolyne Roehm

Salvador Dali, Portrait of Lady Mountbatten

Salvador Dali
Portrait of Lady Mountbatten

Emanuele Dascanio, Libertas

Emanuele Dascanio

Sir Frank Dicksee, Camille, Daughter of Sutton Palmer, Esq

Sir Frank Dicksee
Camille, Daughter of
Sutton Palmer, Esq

Jim Farrant, Girl and Dog in the Surf

Jim Farrant
Girl and Dog in the Surf

Francisco de Goya, Portrait of the Wife of Juan Agustin Cean Bermudez

Francisco de Goya
Portrait of the Wife of
Juan Agustin Cean Bermudez

David Gray

David Gray

Gustave Jean Jacquet

Gustave Jean Jacquet

Lu Jianjun

Lu Jianjun

David Jon Kassan, Mariana

David Jon Kassan

Friedrich August von Kaulbach, Young Woman in Black

Friedrich August von Kaulbach
Young Woman in Black

Bryan Larsen, Monna Vanna

Bryan Larsen
Monna Vanna

Philip Alexius de Laszlo, Mrs Claud Mullins

Philip Alexius de Laszlo
Mrs Claud Mullins

Cesare Laurenti, Volto femminile reclinato

Cesare Laurenti
Volto femminile reclinato

Jeremy Lipking, Laurene (Detail)

Jeremy Lipking
Laurene (Detail)

Wilhelm List, Frauenbildnis

Wilhelm List

Henri Martin, In the Garden

Henri Martin
In the Garden

Evgenie Monahov, Little Portraits-2

Evgenie Monahov
Little Portraits-2

Emily Hilda Rix Nicholas, An Australian Lady

Emily Hilda Rix Nicholas
An Australian Lady

Heide E. Presse, Transition

Heide E. Presse

Mary Qian, An innocent Gaze

Mary Qian
An innocent Gaze

Corinne Reignier, Véra

Corinne Reignier

Lizzie Riches

Lizzie Riches

Helene Schjerfbeck, The Seamstress (The Working Woman)

Helene Schjerfbeck
The Seamstress (The Working Woman)

Christian Schloe, The Black Cat

Christian Schloe
The Black Cat

Leopold Schmutzler, Verführerischer Blick

Leopold Schmutzler
Verführerischer Blick

Jan Sluijters, Portrait of Karin Leyden

Jan Sluijters
Portrait of Karin Leyden

Gianni Strino, Sultana

Gianni Strino

James Brade Sword, Tea time

James Brade Sword
Tea time

James Tissot, Portrait of the Vicomtesse de Montmorand

James Tissot
Portrait of the
Vicomtesse de Montmorand

Mary Bradish Titcomb

Mary Bradish Titcomb

Iason Treumfern (Seyk)

Iason Treumfern (Seyk)

George Frederic Watts, Edith Villiers, Countess of Lytton

George Frederic Watts
Edith Villiers, Countess of Lytton

Walter Ernest Webster, Portrait of a Young Girl

Walter Ernest Webster
Portrait of a Young Girl

Li Wentao

Li Wentao

Karen Whitworth, Winter Warmth

Karen Whitworth
Winter Warmth

Benjamin Wu

Benjamin Wu

Anders Zorn

Anders Zorn

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