Bert Christensen's Cyberspace Gallery
Gallery 251
Paintings by Various Artists
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August Allebé, Museumbezoek

August Allebé

Hamish Blakely, Zingara

Hamish Blakely

Joelle Blouin, Watch out!

Joelle Blouin
Watch out!

Goxwa Borg, The Blue Dress

Goxwa Borg
The Blue Dress

Astrid Buchhammer

Astrid Buchhammer
Cityscape 3

Ramón Casas

Ramón Casas
Over my Dead Body

Hermann Clementz, At the Window

Hermann Clementz
At the Window

Edward Theodore Compton, Mulln Monastery in Salzburg

Edward Theodore Compton
Mulln Monastery in Salzburg

Charles C. Curran, Lady with a Bouquet (also known as Snowballs)

Charles C. Curran
Lady with a Bouquet
(also known as Snowballs)

Alexander Deineka, Expanse

Alexander Deineka

Goyo Dominguez, Acrílico sobre tabla

Goyo Dominguez
Acrílico sobre tabla

Virgil Elliott, The Projectionist

Virgil Elliott
The Projectionist

Daniel F. Gerhartz, Desiring

Daniel F. Gerhartz

Robert Hagan

Robert Hagan

An He

An He

George Inness, Morning, Catskill Valley

George Inness
Morning, Catskill Valley

Gwen John, Portrait of Chloe Boughton Leigh

Gwen John
Portrait of Chloe Boughton Leigh

Joo Seok Ju

Joo Seok Ju

Paul Kelley, The Future

Paul Kelley
The Future

Anatoly Kudryavtsev

Anatoly Kudryavtsev

Camille-Nicolas Lambert, Deux femmes sur la plage

Camille-Nicolas Lambert
Deux femmes sur la plage

Bryan Larsen, Evelyn

Bryan Larsen

Jeremy Mann, Figure #4

Jeremy Mann
Figure #4

Igor Medvedev, Dog zagrustnyaka

Igor Medvedev
Dog zagrustnyaka

Evgenie Monahov

Evgenie Monahov
Brief Encounters. Winter

Anne Packard, Storm Watch

Anne Packard
Storm Watch

Charles Murray Padday, A Mermaid

Charles Murray Padday
A Mermaid

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso
Olga in an Armchair

Edith Prellwitz

Edith Prellwitz

Burt Procter, The Harpist

Burt Procter
The Harpist

Mary Qian, Green

Mary Qian

John Nell Rodger

John Nell Rodger

Emma Sandys, A Fashionable Lady

Emma Sandys
A Fashionable Lady

Enrique Serra y Auque, Lake Scene at Sunset

Enrique Serra y Auque
Lake Scene at Sunset

John Sharman, At the End of the Porch

John Sharman
At the End of the Porch

Alexander Shubin

Alexander Shubin

Charles Spencelayh

Charles Spencelayh

Georges Stein

Georges Stein
Les grands magasins à Paris

Janet Agnes Cumbrae Stewart

Janet Agnes Cumbrae Stewart

Aleksey Tchernigin, Milk

Aleksey Tchernigin

Kristin Vestgard, Back from the Battlefield

Kristin Vestgard
Back from the Battlefield

Kent R. Wallis, Nestled in Flowering Fields

Kent R. Wallis
Nestled in Flowering Fields

Harry Wilson Watrous

Harry Wilson Watrous

Jacqueline Williams

Jacqueline Williams

Cao Yong, Under the Skyline

Cao Yong
Under the Skyline

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