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Gallery 247
Paintings by Various Artists
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Nick Alm

Nick Alm

Jules Badin, The Fishergirl

Jules Badin
The Fishergirl

Aldo Balding, January Morning

Aldo Balding
January Morning

Trish Biddle, Eiffel For You

Trish Biddle
Eiffel For You

Hamish Blakely

Hamish Blakely

Heinrich Bоhmer, Romantic Forest
Heinrich Bоhmer
Romantic Forest

Talantbek Chekirov, Power in Grey

Talantbek Chekirov
Power in Grey

John Constable, Hampstead Heath, Sun Setting over Harrow

John Constable
Hampstead Heath,
Sun Setting over Harrow

Andre Deymonaz

Andre Deymonaz

Elena Drobysheva

Elena Drobysheva

Edmund Dulac

Edmund Dulac

Karen Dupré, Femme Fatale III

Karen Dupré
Femme Fatale III

Richard Estes

Richard Estes

David Farrant, Chapeau Noir

David Farrant
Chapeau Noir

Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin, Seated Female Nude

Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin
Seated Female Nude

Roman Garasyuta, The Woman in White

Roman Garasyuta
The Woman in White

Paul van Ginkel, Flamenco Elegance

Paul van Ginkel
Flamenco Elegance

Gregory E. Glyukmann

Gregory E. Glyukmann

Judy Greenberg, Watering Hole

Judy Greenberg
Watering Hole

John Haag, Under the Apple Tree

John Haag
Under the Apple Tree

Don Hatfield, Seaside Dreams

Don Hatfield
Seaside Dreams

John Hoppner Portrait Of A Lady As Evelina

John Hoppner
Portrait of a Lady as Evelina

Aya Kato, Pink Magic

Aya Kato
Pink Magic

Paul Kelley

Paul Kelley

Andre Kohn, Girl Reading

Andre Kohn
Girl Reading

Martin Llamedo, The Path

Martin Llamedo
The Path

Marci McDonald

Marci McDonald

Faiza Maghni

Faiza Maghni

Isaac Maimon, Cafe la Parisienne

Isaac Maimon
Cafe la Parisienne

Konstantin Makovsky

Konstantin Makovsky
Dancing Gypsy

Andrew Malinowski, Jeune fille au ruban blanc

Andrew Malinowski
Jeune fille au ruban blanc

Jackie Morris,  The Guardians

Jackie Morris
The Guardians

Anne Packard, At the Beach

Anne Packard
At the Beach

Javier Saenz Pedrosa

Javier Saenz Pedrosa

Lusia Popenko, Girl with a Dog
Lusia Popenko
Girl with a Dog

Vangelis Rinas

Vangelis Rinas

Zinaida Serebryakova, Bather

Zinaida Serebryakova

Alexey Slusar

Alexey Slusar

Vitold Smukrovich, Roses

Vitold Smukrovich

Tadeusz Styka, Portrait of Young Lady with a Dog

Tadeusz Styka
Portrait of Young Lady with a Dog

Natha Truneva, Salome with the Head of the Baptist

Natha Truneva
Salome with the Head of the Baptist

Renaat Veris

Renaat Veris

Alexander Voronkov, Pan and Syrinx

Alexander Voronkov
Pan and Syrinx

Todd A. Williams, Marriah 2

Todd A. Williams
Marriah 2

Walter Wyles

Walter Wyles

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