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Gallery 240
Paintings by Various Artists
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Karol Bak, Deceptive Wind

Karol Bak
Deceptive Wind

Abraham Harris Benson, Anemones

Abraham Harris Benson

Fred Calleri, Boutique

Fred Calleri

Wladislaus von Czachorski, The Bouquet

Wladislaus von Czachorski
The Bouquet

Jose De La Barra, Descanso 2

Jose De La Barra
Descanso 2

Marie Desbons

Marie Desbons

Brian Drury

Brian Drury

Albert Edelfelt. Portrait of Madame Vallery-Radot

Albert Edelfelt
Portrait of Madame Vallery-Radot

Emile Eisman-Semenowsky, Portrait Of A Woman In Black

Emile Eisman-Semenowsky
Portrait Of A Woman In Black

Sandra Flood, Artemis And The Hare

Sandra Flood
Artemis And The Hare

Slava Fokk, Safari Club

Slava Fokk
Safari Club

Pal Fried

Pal Fried
Girl On Chair

Karl Eduardovich Geftler,  View of Kazan Cathedral from the Neva

Karl Eduardovich Geftler
View of Kazan Cathedral from the Neva

Manuel De Wssel Guimbardad, Murcia

Manuel De Wssel Guimbardad

Arne Kavli

Arne Kavli

Conrad Kiesel, Gattin von Otto Heyl

Conrad Kiesel
Gattin von Otto Heyl

Valentyna Kozyar, Dawn

Valentyna Kozyar

Helena Lam, Majestic Train Ride

Helena Lam
Majestic Train Ride

Philip Alexius de Laszlo, Princess Andrew of Greece (Alice of Battenberg)

Philip Alexius de Laszlo
Princess Andrew of Greece
(Alice of Battenberg)

Edmund Blair Leighton, Escape

Edmund Blair Leighton

Richard MacNeil

Richard MacNeil

Édouard Manet, Bunch of Violets and Fan

Édouard Manet
Bunch of Violets and Fan

William Henry Margetson, Two Young Women Seated

William Henry Margetson
Two Young Women Seated

Sergei Marshennikov, Girl in a Scarf

Sergei Marshennikov
Girl in a Scarf

Kirsty Mitchell, The Woman in a Field of Lavender

Kirsty Mitchell
The Woman in a Field of Lavender

Eugene Mukovnina

Eugene Mukovnina

Michael O'Toole

Michael O'Toole

Ferenc Paczka, Bride with Flower Bouquet

Ferenc Paczka
Bride with Flower Bouquet

Michael Parkes, Persepolis

Michael Parkes

Sergey Potapov

Sergey Potapov
Sunny Morning

Vicente Romero Redondo

Vicente Romero Redondo

Marilyn Robertson

Marilyn Robertson

Bayram Salamov, Love Fairy

Bayram Salamov
Love Fairy

Sorin Savely, Portrait of Nataly Kovanko

Savely Sorin
Portrait of Nataly Kovanko

Paul Raymond Seaton

Paul Raymond Seaton
Cut Crystal

Zinaida Serebryakova, Portrait of K. Lancere

Zinaida Serebryakova
Portrait of K. Lancere

Nikolai Sergeyev, Garden

Nikolai Sergeyev

Joaquim Sunyer, Arroyo de Ribes

Joaquim Sunyer
Arroyo de Ribes

Adrien Henri Tanoux, The Harp Player

Adrien Henri Tanoux
The Harp Player

Anatoly Timoshkin

Anatoly Timoshkin

Harry Mills Walcott, The Cotillion

Harry Mills Walcott
The Cotillion

Gary Walton, The Lookout

Gary Walton
The Lookout

Morgan Weistling, Flour Child

Morgan Weistling
Flour Child

Richard Wheeler Whitney, Matinee

Richard Wheeler Whitney

Zhu Yiyong

Zhu Yiyong

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