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Olga Della-Vos-Kardovskaya

Olga Della-Vos-Kardovskaya, Laundress
Alex Katz

Blue Umbrella
Alex Katz, Blue Umbrella
Camille Andrene Kauffman

Young Woman in Garden
Camille Andrene Kauffman, Young Woman in Garden
Harry Kernoff

Sunny Day, Dublin
Harry Kernoff, Sunny Day, Dublin
Ken Kewley

Nude with Drape
Ken Kewley, Nude with Drape
Carlos Killian

ça réchauffe de danser
Carlos Killian, ça réchauffe de danser
Daniel Ridgway Knight

Harvest Repast
Knight, Daniel Ridgway,  Harvest Repast
Susan Ricker Knox

The Open Window
Susan Ricker Knox, The Open Window
Christen Købke

View of Østerbro
Christen Købke,  View of Østerbro
Oskar Kokoschka

Bessie Bruce
Oskar Kokoschka,  Bessie Bruce
Gely Mikhailovich Korzhev-Chuvelev

A Mother
Gely Mikhailovich Korzhev-Chuvelev, A Mother
Leon Kroll

Manhattan Rhythms
Leon Kroll, Manhattan Rhythms
Rajka Kupesic

Rajka Kupesic, Glamour
Theo Kurpershoek

Bonjour Mme. K.
Theo Kurpershoek,  Bonjour Mme K
Lise Lacaille

Cruising Bar
Lise Lacaille, Cruising Bar
Sir Edwin Henry Landseer

The Favourites of Queen Victoria
Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, The Favourites of Queen Victoria
Michel Larionov

Circus Girl
Michel Larionov, Circus Girl
Carl Larsson

La Modelo Sobre La Mesa
Carl Larsson,  La Modelo Sobre La Mesa
Carl Larsson

Autumn Motif
Carl Larsson, Autumn Motif
Achille Laugé

Man at the Well
Achille Laugé, Man at the Well
William John Leech

Les Soeurs de Saint-esprit, Concarneau
William John Leech,  Les Soeurs de Saint-esprit, Concarneau
Frans van Leemputten

A Baptism in Campine
Frans van Leemputten,  A Baptism in Campine
Sir Peter Lely

Lake Sisters
Sir Peter Lely, Lake Sisters
Georges Lemmen

View of the Thames
Georges Lemmen, View of the Thames
Michel Le Roux

Lucky Day
Michel Le Roux, Lucky Day
Dimitri Gregoriovitch Levitsky

Portrait of Maria Dyakova
Dimitri Gregoriovitch Levitsky,  Portrait of Maria Dyakova
Norman Lewis

Evening Rendezvous
Norman Lewis, Evening Rendezvous
Bruno Andreas Liljefors

Hunting with Beagles
Bruno Andreas Liljefors, Hunting with Beagles
Jean-Étienne Liotard

Portrait of a Lady
Jean-Étienne Liotard, Portrait of a Lady
Edwin Long

Edwin Long, Priestess
Albert Lynch

A Young Beauty With Flowers In Her Hair
Albert Lynch,  A Young Beauty With Flowers In Her Hair