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Carlos Almaraz

Crash In Pthalo Green
Carlos Almaraz "Crash In Pthalo Green"
Francisco Amighetti

El Monge
Francisco Amighetti-ElMonge
Benny Andrews

Giacomo Balla

Grand Fiore Futurista
Giacomo Balla-Grand Fiore Futurista
George Baselitz

George Baselitz-Untitled.
Georges Braque

The Wash Stand
Georges Braque "The Wash Stand"
Elaine De Kooning

Sunday Afternoon
Elaine De Kooning-SundayAfternoon
Eugene Delacroix

Study for the Death of Sardanapalus
Eugene Delacroix Study for the Death of Sardanapalus
Alberto Giacometti

Anette Assise
Alberto Giacometti-Anette Assise
Arshile Gorky

Year After Year
Arshile Gorky-Year After Year
Faik Hassan

Two Women
Faik Hassan-Two Women
David Hockney

David Hockney-'Sun'
Fernand Leger

Le Petit Dejeuner
Fernand Leger-Le Petit Dejeuner
Franz Marc

Springendes Pferd
Franz Marc-Spingendes Pferd
Fateh Moudarres

Prayer for the Rain
Fateh Moudarres-Prayer for the Rain
Elizabeth Murray

Just in Time
Ben Nicholson

1945 (AirmailLetter)
Ben Nicholson-1945 (AirmailLetter)
Emil Nolde

Emil Nolde-Lichtzauber
Pablo Picasso

The Reservoir at Horta
Pablo Picasso The Reservoir at Horta
Fra Andrea Pozzo

The Glorification
Fra Andrea Pozzo-The Glorification
Dorothea Rockburn

Noli Me Tangere
Dorothea Rockburn-Noli Me Tangere
Georges Roualt

Georges Roualt-Danseuse
Charles Searles

Filas for Sale
Charles Searles-Filas for Sale
Chaim Soutine

Les Escaliers à Chartres
Chaim Soutine-Les Escaliers a Chartres
Frank Stella

Agbatana 11
Frank Stella-Agbatana11
Henry Ossawa Tanner

Moroccan Man
Henry Ossawa Tanner-Moroccan Man
Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol-Knives
Charles White

Mother Courage II
Charles White-Mother Courage II