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Reason One.
About fifteen years ago, when the Liberals were in power, I needed to get some advice about my Canada Pension Plan. I went over to the Canadian Government building near the Scarborough Town Centre. I waited in a reception area for a quarter of an hour and was shown into an office where a pleasant person helped me with my problem and made some changes.

A couple of weeks ago, under the Harper government, my wife, Louise had a similar problem and went to the same office as I did. A receptionist gave Louise a phone number and told her she could use one of the telephones in the banks of booths along the wall. The number was the same as she had found on the web site. She could get no help from the telephone person when she phoned from home and so, just left and got the advice from a non-government source. Obviously the level of service from the Canadian Goverment has detiorated badly during the Harper Goverment.

Reason Two.
My passport has expired so I downloaded the forms from the Internet, got my photo and went over to the same government office as above. I arrived around 2 PM and was shown to a line of at least fifty people. The person on the desk said that there was no chance to be seen by the end of business that day. When I last renewed, the service was so efficient and painless that I barely remember doing it. So I mailed it but with a photocopy of my birth certificate and Social Insurance card. I am waiting for a rejection because the form says that originals must be sent. Just another example of major detioration of service from the Harper Government.

Simple vote for anyone EXCEPT the Conservatives; it couldn`t get worse.

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