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The Very Good: The people of Ontario who elected Kathleen Wynne as Premier of Ontario. Beside being an excellent leader and politician, she is the first woman  and the first openly gay person to reach that office. Her partner campained with her and I did not hear even one remark against her lifestyle. When she became Premier, she inherited a minority government but the election gave her a majority government.

Congratulations Kathleen.

The Very Bad: The people of Toronto who voted for Rob Ford for mayor in 2010 and those who voted for his brother, Doug in 2014. Rob is an admitted crack-cocaine user, a heavy drinker whose antics brought world-wide disrepute to Toronto. His brather's sole job seems to me to  only defend Rob and try to lessen the impact of his notorious actions.

WARNING TO THE PEOPLE OF TORONTO: One or other of these bad characters will surely run in a future election. Don't make the same mistakes again.

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