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My father, Albert E. Christensen was born on June 17 1895 in Denmark and died in Canada in 1987, aged 92. Born before the airplane, television, atomic bomb, computers, two world wars, a great depression, what would he think of the happenings after his death?

He would have met 911 with the same sagging of his whole body as he did on the death of John Kennedy. He would marvel at the election of a black man to the U.S. presidentcy, the bankruptcy of General Motors, the bailing out of GM by the U.S and that Obama could fire the president of GM.

He would have been very surprised at the bankruptcy of department store Eatons and the disappearance of Simpsons and that the average price of a house in Toronto has risen to over one million dollars. He would have hated the growing disparity between the rich and the rest of society.

He would have been disgusted at Rob Ford, but pleased at the gains made by the NDP in the last federal election. He would have disliked the two Bushes and their trillion dollar war that achieved nothing but death and wounds.

Always an activist, my father was instrumental in forming the first community based Credit Union in Ontario and worked hard for the CCF (the precursor of the NDP).

He did his part.

Larry C. Snyder replies

Poplar Grove, IL, USA
Subject: Reply - updated facts
Message: Hi Bert. 1st I have seen your web site. URL passed to me today. Couple notes. See:
6 trillion - just for the two wars. Desert Storm is a separate deal. Learn how the Gov pays for wars without going to Copngress -- because then the people would find out actual costs -- in "How To Profit From the Coming Deflation" by Browne. Old and out of print but maybe your library...
If the taxpayers bail out GM, why would you want the same corrupt and STUPID CEO in charge? That would be a real waste of money. Allowing taxpayer funds demands that the same stupid mistakes not be made again and again. There are another 1000+ executives at GM that OUGHT to be fired because they don't understand basic business.
Just input. I"ve learned that debating via email is almost impossible, so just take this as commentary.
Love to see people thinking and challenging. Now if you could just educate the voters....!
Larry, PE, Manager GE 20 yrs, Research Engineer - Retired.

Bert answers

I agree that the GM CEO should have been fired. But, that would have been unthinkable in my father's day.

Thanks for the comments.

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