Victorian Lady in Red
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Bar Riche Belle Annees Beggarstaffs, Hamlet 1894
Beggarstaffs, Hamlet 1894 Chateau Roubaud, Vin Rose Cycle Gladiator
Edward Penfield, Harpers May 1897 Exactitude F. Hugo D Alesi, Eastern Railroad Paris to Venice 1890
Fernand Gottlob, 2nd Exhibition of Painter Lithographers 1899  G. Boano, Royal Theatre Turin 1898  Jennifer Garant, The Art of the Bistro, Specialty Wines 
Georges de Feure, Fifth Exhibtion 1894  Gustav Klimt, Secession  Haskell Coffin , Joan of Arc Saved France 1918  
Henri de Toulouse Lautrec, Jane Avril 1893  Henri Meunier, Coffee Ad 1897  Howard Chandler Christy, Join the Marines 1915 
James Montgomery Flagg, Side by Side Britannia 1918 Joseph Sattler, Pan 1895 Jules Cheret, Dancing at the Moulin Rouge 1889
Jules Cheret, Job Cigarette Paper Paris 1889 Jules Cheret, La Diaphane Sarah Berhardt Rice Powder 1890 Jules Cheret, Pippermint 1899
Jules Cheret - Saxoleine Safety Kerosine 1892 Le Frou-Frou, Demanz Partout Le Mandarin
Lucien Lefevre, Electricine 1895 Peppermint Get Perfume Maja Myrungia
The Sin of Nora Moran Styria Theatre National de l Opera
Trouville Victorian Lady in Red Women's Hour Has Struck