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Robert Spencer
American, 1879 - 1931
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Grey Mills Grey Mills
Across the Delaware Across the Delaware
Concrete Bridge Concrete Bridge
Crossroad Crossroad
5 O'Clock 5 O'Clock
A March Day A March Day
Gathering Greens Gathering Greens
On the Canal On the Canal
Red Shale Road Red Shale Road
Summertime Summertime 
The Barracks   
The Bath  The Bath 
The Blue Gown  The Blue Gown 
The Brook  The Brook  
The Closing Hour  The Closing Hour 
The Huckster Cart  The Huckster Cart 
The Marble Shop  The Marble Shop 
The Mill Yard  The Mill Yard 
The Red Boat  The Red Boat 
The River  The River 
The Silk Mill  The Silk Mill 
Three Houses  Three Houses 
Washer Women  Washer Women 
White Tenements  White Tenements 


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