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Gallery 276
Paintings by Various Artists
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Katia Bellini, Night Blues

Katia Bellini
Night Blues

Allen Bentley, Dance

Allen Bentley

Nikolai Blokhin, Model
Nikolai Blokhin

Andrew Brady, A Handful of Dust

Andrew Brady
A Handful of Dust

Alex Burtasenkov, Seascape

Alex Burtasenkov

Dang Van Can

Dang Van Can

James Wells Champney,  Woman Seated Holding Lilies

James Wells Champney
Woman Seated Holding Lilies

Andrea Orr Clague, Morning Has Broken

Andrea Orr Clague
Morning Has Broken

Elin Danielson-Gambogi, Portrait of a Lady

Elin Danielson-Gambogi
Portrait of a Lady

Anna Davydchenko, Self Portrait

Anna Davydchenko
Self Portrait

Sir Frank Dicksee, The Sensitive Plant

Sir Frank Dicksee
The Sensitive Plant

He Duoling

He Duoling

Cesar Boetius van Everdingen, Young Woman Warming her Hands over a Brazier

Cesar Boetius van Everdingen
Young Woman Warming her Hands
over a Brazier

Henri Fantin-Latour, Flowers and Fruit

Henri Fantin-Latour
Flowers and Fruit

Cuadro Jorge Frasca

Cuadro Jorge Frasca
Atardecer en la matera

José García y Ramos, Making an Entrance

José García y Ramos
Making an Entrance

Henri Gervex, Nu a la Psyche

Henri Gervex
Nu a la Psyche

Konstantin Gorbatov, View from the River to the Old Town

Konstantin Gorbatov
View from the River to the Old Town

Mykhailo Guida, In the Make-Up Room

Mykhailo Guida
In the Make-Up Room

George Hardy, The Welcome Letter

`The Welcome Letter

Tomas Harker, The Light you Found

Tomas Harker
The Light you Found

William Stanley Haseltine, Venetian Fishing Boats

William Stanley Haseltine
Venetian Fishing Boats

Alexei Kharlamov, Portrait of a Young Girl

Alexei Kharlamov
Portrait of a Young Girl

Mike Kowalski, The Egg Farm

Mike Kowalski
The Egg Farm

Sergey Lukyanov, Winter Architecture

Sergey Lukyanov
Winter Architecture

Franz Marc, Three Cats

Franz Marc
Three Cats

William Henry Margetson, Awaiting His Return

William Henry Margetson
Awaiting His Return

Sergei Marshennikov, Rose Blu

Sergei Marshennikov
Rose Blu

Anna Mikhailova

Anna Mikhailova

John Everett Millais, The Eve of Saint Agnes

John Everett Millais
The Eve of Saint Agnes

Pedro Roldán Molina

Pedro Roldán Molina

Peder Mork Mönsted, In the Garden

Peder Mork Mönsted
In the Garden

Anne Moore

Anne Moore

Kristian Mumford
Its Been Awhile

William Oxer, Sky White

William Oxer
Sky White

Yuri Pimenov, In the Rain

Yuri Pimenov
In the Rain

Vulcan Raluca

Vulcan Raluca

Vicente Romero Redondo

Vicente Romero Redondo

John Nell Rodger, Retrato de Gina

John Nell Rodger
Retrato de Gina

Eugénie Salanson, Portrait d'une femme devant un port

Eugénie Salanson
Portrait d'une femme devant un port

Alfred Stevens, La Liseuse

Alfred Stevens
La Liseuse

Frits Thaulow, The Old Church by the River

Frits Thaulow
The Old Church by the River

Frederick Judd Waugh, Crashing Waves II

Frederick Judd Waugh
Crashing Waves II

Charles Arthur Wheeler

Charles Arthur Wheeler

Hu Yongkai

Hu Yongkai

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