Bert Christensen's Cyberspace Gallery
Gallery 264
Paintings by Various Artists
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Steven Assael, Vivian

Steven Assael

Ginette Beaulieu, Projection

Ginette Beaulieu

Renato Bertini

Renato Bertini

Emile Henri Bernard, Lady in Red 

Emile Henri Bernard
Lady in Red

Goxwa Borg, Cat

Goxwa Borg

Richard Burlet

Richard Burlet

Casey Childs, Afternoon Repose

Casey Childs
Afternoon Repose

Michael de Bono

Michael de Bono

Thierry Duval, Autumn on Ile St Louis

Thierry Duval
Autumn on Ile St Louis

Franz Dvorak, Four Roses

Franz Dvorak
Four Roses

Soledad Fernandez, Woman Sleeping

Soledad Fernandez
Woman Sleeping

William Feron, Marché au fleur

William Feron
Marché au fleur

Samuel Luke Fildes, Venetta

Samuel Luke Fildes

Michael Fitzpatrick, Red Scarf

Michael Fitzpatrick
Red Scarf

Slava Fokk, Hummigbird

Slava Fokk

Eduardo Leon Garrido, The Reader

Eduardo Leon Garrido
The Reader

William Stanley Haseltine, Midway Point, California

William Stanley Haseltine
Midway Point, California

Rob Hefferan

Rob Hefferan

Svetlana Ivanchenko

Svetlana Ivanchenko

Shi Jiandu

Shi Jiandu

Jared Joslin, Café

Jared Joslin

George William Joy, Better is a dinner of herbs where love is than a stalled ox and hatred therewith

George William Joy
Better is a dinner of herbs where love is than a stalled ox and hatred therewith

Gaston La Touche, à l'opéra

Gaston La Touche
à l'opéra

Silvestro Lega, Ragazza di Crespina

Silvestro Lega
Ragazza di Crespina

Eva Lewarne, Just Blowing Bubbles

Eva Lewarne
Just Blowing Bubbles

Almery Lobel-Riche

Almery Lobel-Riche

Taras Loboda, Tiara

Taras Loboda

Yutaka Murakami, Cat Relaxing

Yutaka Murakami
Cat Relaxing

Richard Murdock, The Sweetness of Desire

Richard Murdock
The Sweetness of Desire

Alexander Nasekin

Alexander Nasekin

Alexandra Nizenko

Alexandra Nizenko

Sir William Orpen, Susan Vanderpoel Clark

Sir William Orpen
Susan Vanderpoel Clark

Ricardo Fernandez Ortega, Empty Kingdom

Ricardo Fernandez Ortega
Empty Kingdom

Marguerite Stuber Pearson, Ruth

Marguerite Stuber Pearson

Scott Prior, Nanny and Rose

Scott Prior
Nanny and Rose

Sergey Reznichenko

Sergey Reznichenko

Sara Sniderhan, A Question Begins

Sara Sniderhan
A Question Begins

Savely Sorin, Margaret Dorothy Kahn

Savely Sorin
Margaret Dorothy Kahn

Perrin Sparks, Bonnet Shadows

Perrin Sparks
Bonnet Shadows

Atanas Tasev, Portrait of Alphonse Mucha

Atanas Tasev
Portrait of Alphonse Mucha

Remzi Taskiran, Young Gypsy

Remzi Taskiran
Young Gypsy

Michael Taylor, Girl with Water Jug

Michael Taylor
Girl with Water Jug

Yves Thos, Summer in the City

Yves Thos
Summer in the City

Fernand Toussaint, Jeune femme comtemplant de croquis

Fernand Toussaint
Jeune femme comtemplant de croquis

Marina Zobova

Marina Zobova

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