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Gallery 263
Paintings by Various Artists
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Bo Åke Adamsson, Rincon de Aragon

Bo Åke Adamsson
Rincon de Aragon

John Arthur Malcolm Aldridge, Leyden

John Arthur Malcolm Aldridge

Ivan Alifan, Eclipse

Ivan Alifan

José Luis Lopez Ayerdi

José Luis Lopez Ayerdi

Gwenneth Barth, Hombeline

Gwenneth Barth

Marie Besson, Sarah Bernhardt

Marie Besson
Sarah Bernhardt

Nguyen Thanh Binh, Pianist

Nguyen Thanh Binh

Candice Bohannon, Marie

Candice Bohannon

Gregory Calibey, Side Gaze

Gregory Calibey
Side Gaze

John F. Carlson, Autumn Beeches

John F. Carlson
Autumn Beeches

Irina Chebotareva, Lady with Umbrella

Irina Chebotareva
Lady with Umbrella

Don Clapper, Serenity

Don Clapper

Dmitri Danish

Dmitri Danish

Johanne Mathilde Dietrichson, Letter Writer

Johanne Mathilde Dietrichson
Letter Writer

Frédéric Dufoor

Frédéric Dufoor

Karl Feiertag

Karl Feiertag

Orlov Pimen Nikitich, Italian Girl with Flowers

Orlov Pimen Nikitich
Italian Girl with Flowers

Jacqueline Gnott, Yellow and Burgundy Iris

Jacqueline Gnott
Yellow and Burgundy Iris

Mary Brewster Hazelton, The Letter

Mary Brewster Hazelton
The Letter

Frederick Johannes Frits Jansen, Portrait of a Lady

Frederick Johannes Frits Jansen
Portrait of a Lady

Kuang Jian. Memory After Noon

Kuang Jian
Memory After Noon

Hermann Kern, The Love Letter

Hermann Kern
The Love Letter

Edward Kucera, Cowgirl

Edward Kucera

John Kuhn

John Kuhn

Dmitriy Lisichenko, Untitled

Dmitriy Lisichenko

Karoly Lotz, Portrait of Ilona Lippich

Karoly Lotz
Portrait of Ilona Lippich

Alexandra Nizenko,  Karina Suntseva

Alexandra Nizenko
Karina Suntseva

Alexis Joseph Perignon, Portrait of Princess E.A.Baryatinskoy

Alexis Joseph Perignon
Portrait of Princess E.A.Baryatinskoy

Daria Petrilli

Daria Petrilli

Elvira Pyrkova

Elvira Pyrkova

Carl J. Samson, Padme Resplendent with Naboo Mandala

Carl J. Samson
Padme Resplendent with Naboo Mandala

Denis Sarazhin, Viktoria

Denis Sarazhin

Gabriel Schachinger, Sweet Reflections

Gabriel Schachinger
Sweet Reflections

Liu Mao Shan, Arrival of Spring in Jiangnan

Liu Mao Shan
Arrival of Spring in Jiangnan

Han-Wu Shen, Hong Xia

Han-Wu Shen
Hong Xia

Howard Somerville, Elissa Landi

Howard Somerville
Elissa Landi

Ben Stahl, Backstage at the Birdcage

Ben Stahl
Backstage at the Birdcage

Julien Stapper, Vases de fleurs

Julien Stapper
Vases de fleurs

Maria Szollosi, My Angel

Maria Szollosi
My Angel

Dorian Vallejo, Ms. Sara Kushinsky

Dorian Vallejo
Ms. Sara Kushinsky

John Vanderlyn, Mary Scott Swann

John Vanderlyn
Mary Scott Swann

Eduard Veith, Portrait of a Lady with Roses

Eduard Veith
Portrait of a Lady with Roses

Grzegorz Wrobel, Warsaw Old Town

Grzegorz Wrobel
Warsaw Old Town

John Yardley, The Laburnum Tree

John Yardley
The Laburnum Tree

Guan ZeJu

Guan ZeJu

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