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Gallery 259
Paintings by Various Artists
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Daud Akhriev, Cat's Cradle

Daud Akhriev
Cat's Cradle

Dru Blair, Alex Arden

Dru Blair
Alex Arden

Goxwa Borg

Goxwa Borg

Mark Drake Briscoe, Nearly Back Home

Mark Drake Briscoe
Nearly Back Home

Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Jean Pierre Cassigneul, La vigne vierge

Jean Pierre Cassigneul
La vigne vierge

Charles Chaplin, Femme en rose

Charles Chaplin
Femme en rose

Bernard Charoy

Bernard Charoy

John Collier, Pomps and Vanities

John Collier
Pomps and Vanities

Lilya Corneli, Laura III

Lilya Corneli
Laura III

Nguyen Van Cuong, Full-Moon Age

Nguyen Van Cuong
Full-Moon Age

Otto Dix, Frau Martha Dix

Otto Dix
Frau Martha Dix

Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin, Spring in Steppe

Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin
Spring in Steppe

Paul Gustave Fischer, Højbro Plads, København

Paul Gustave Fischer
Højbro Plads, København

Mykhailo Guida

Mykhailo Guida

Charles Webster Hawthorne, By the Window

Charles Webster Hawthorne
By the Window

Fernand Hick

Fernand Hick

Jason Patrick Jenkins

Jason Patrick Jenkins

Arvid Johansson, Fishing Boat at Sunset

Arvid Johansson
Fishing Boat at Sunset

Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Loui Jover, hipster she

Loui Jover
hipster she

Manfred W. Juergens, Portrait Caroline Schwarz

Manfred W. Juergens
Portrait Caroline Schwarz

Friedrich August von Kaulbach, Portrait of the Actress Hanna Ralph

Friedrich August von Kaulbach
Portrait of the Actress Hanna Ralph

Justyna Kopania

Justyna Kopania

Hubert de Lartigue, MartineFa

Hubert de Lartigue

Paul Laurenzi

Paul Laurenzi

Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta

Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta
Elizabeth Wethered Barringer

Karen Noles, The Treasured Gift

Karen Noles
The Treasured Gift

Luda Onischuk

Luda Onischuk

Leonid Pasternak, Portrait of E. Levinoy

Leonid Pasternak
Portrait of E. Levinoy

Etienne Adolphe Piot, Printemps

Etienne Adolphe Piot

Paul-Francois Quinsac, au cafe

Paul-Francois Quinsac
au cafe

Man Ray, Jazz

Man Ray

Alejandro Rosemberg, Desnudo Femenino

Alejandro Rosemberg
Desnudo Femenino

Olga Sacharoff, Portarit of a Lady and her Daughter

Olga Sacharoff
Portrait of a Lady and her Daughter

Yevgeniya Savosta, Portrait of Janette Woodroffe

Yevgeniya Savosta
Portrait of Janette Woodroffe

Guillaume Seignac, The Jewel Case

Guillaume Seignac
The Jewel Case

Kaspian Shore, Last Breath of Summer

Kaspian Shore
Last Breath of Summer

Janet Agnes Cumbrae Stewart, Admiring the Lace

Janet Agnes Cumbrae Stewart
Admiring the Lace

Xevi Vilaró, Vell fumant

Xevi Vilaró
Vell fumant

Maja Vodanovic, Snjezana Gazzari

Maja Vodanovic
Snjezana Gazzari

Deborah Walkar, Filtered Light; Handfast Point

Deborah Walkar
Filtered Light; Handfast Point

Will Wilson. Midnight

Will Wilson

Michael Van Zeyl, The Reception

Michael Van Zeyl
The Reception

Yuan Zhengyang

Yuan Zhengyang

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