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Gallery 258
Paintings by Various Artists
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Catherine Abel

Catherine Abel

Al Barnes

Al Barnes

Carla Bedini

Carla Bedini

Björn Bernström, Farmland

Björn Bernström

Andrian Bersenev, Flowers and Apples

Andrian Bersenev
Flowers and Apples

Charles Ephraim Burchfield, Rainy Night

Charles Ephraim Burchfield
Rainy Night

Dang Van Can

Dang Van Can

James Childs, From The Terrace

James Childs
From The Terrace

John Constable, Fokstone Harbour

John Constable
Fokstone Harbour

Bernardo Dadic

Bernardo Dadic

Camie Davis

Camie Davis

Sir Frank Dicksee, Portrait of the Hon Mrs Edward Stuart Talbot

Sir Frank Dicksee
Portrait of the
Hon Mrs Edward Stuart Talbot

Carolus Duran, Mademoiselle de Lancey

Carolus Duran
Mademoiselle de Lancey

Henri Fantin-Latour, Summer Flowers

Henri Fantin-Latour
Summer Flowers

Belisario Gioja, Seated Lady with Greyhounds

Belisario Gioja
Seated Lady with Greyhounds

Ellen Day Hale, Morning News

Ellen Day Hale
Morning News

Ahmad Haraji

Ahmad Haraji

David Henderson, Winter Moon

David Henderson
Winter Moon

Andrey Kartashov, Dreams of the Youth

Andrey Kartashov
Dreams of the Youth

John Kasyn

John Kasyn

Birgitte Knaus, Young Lady with Green Shawl

Birgitte Knaus
Young Lady with Green Shawl

Andrea Kowch, Knoll’s Edge

Andrea Kowch
Knoll’s Edge

Brad Kunkle, Waiting in Pearls

Brad Kunkle
Waiting in Pearls

Boris Kustodiev, Portrait of O.P. Myasoedova

Boris Kustodiev
Portrait of O.P. Myasoedova

Bryan Larsen, New Year's Eve

Bryan Larsen
New Year's Eve

Bart Lindstrom, Morning Light

Bart Lindstrom
Morning Light

Alexander Melnikov, Father and Daughter

Alexander Melnikov
Father and Daughter

Achille Mollica, As the Days

Achille Mollica
As the Days

Ignacio Díaz Olano, Mujer tocando el Violonchelo

Ignacio Díaz Olano
Mujer tocando el Violonchelo

William Oxer, The Harp

William Oxer
The Harp

Cindy Procious, Time For Magical Maneuvering

Cindy Procious
Time For Magical Maneuvering

Elena Prudnikova, Autumn Dream

Elena Prudnikova
Autumn Dream

Ariana Richards, Lady of The Dahlias

Ariana Richards
Lady of The Dahlias

Anastasia Sahaltueva

Anastasia Sahaltueva

Cesar Santos, Temperance

Cesar Santos

Duffy Sheridan, Head Study with White Scarf

Duffy Sheridan
Head Study with White Scarf

Cornelis Springer, Zuiderhavendijk, Enkhuizen

Cornelis Springer
Zuiderhavendijk, Enkhuizen

David Jay Spyker, The Haven

David Jay Spyker
The Haven

Ezra Suko, Season of Renewal

Ezra Suko
Season of Renewal

Frits Thaulow, Landscape with a Mill

Frits Thaulow
Landscape with a Mill

Andru Turenne

Andru Turenne

Alexander Vahrameev, Portrait T. Trofimovoy

Alexander Vahrameev
Portrait T. Trofimovoy

Alexander Volkov, April Thunder

Alexander Volkov
April Thunder

Yuqi Wang, Portrait of Fiona Wilmot-Sitwell

Yuqi Wang
Portrait of Fiona Wilmot-Sitwell

Anders Zorn, Portrait of Antonin Proust

Anders Zorn
Portrait of Antonin Proust

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