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Gallery 257
Paintings by Various Artists
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Vilmos Aba-Novak, Laura

Vilmos Aba-Novak

Tom Bagshaw

Tom Bagshaw

Alice Pike Barney, Young Woman in Black Hat

Alice Pike Barney
Young Woman in Black Hat

Murray Percival Bewley, The Green Necklace

Murray Percival Bewley
The Green Necklace

Nikolai Blokhin, Family from Taos

Nikolai Blokhin
Family from Taos

Alexey Brikov

Alexey Brikov

Miriam Briks, Velvet Robe

Miriam Briks
Velvet Robe

John George Brown, Thus Perish the Memory of Our Love

John George Brown
Thus Perish the Memory of Our Love

George Lawrence Bulleid, The Cameo Brooch

George Lawrence Bulleid
The Cameo Brooch

Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Desiderium

Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi), Martha and Mary Magdalene (detail)

Martha and Mary Magdalene (detail)

Amos Cassioli, Ritratto di giovane signora

Amos Cassioli
Ritratto di giovane signora

Albert H Collings, Looking in the Mirror

Albert H Collings
Looking in the Mirror

Juan Manuel Cossio, The Impassive Youngest Daughter of a Baron

Juan Manuel Cossio
The Impassive Youngest
Daughter of a Baron

Alfred Courmes, Portrait de Peggy Guggenheim

Alfred Courmes
Portrait de Peggy Guggenheim

Albert Edelfelt, Parisian Lady in a Peignoir

Albert Edelfelt
Parisian Lady in a Peignoir

Teresa Elliott, Bloom Trinitas

Teresa Elliott
Bloom Trinitas

John Duncan Fergusson, Grace McColl

John Duncan Fergusson
Grace McColl

Donato Giancola, The Museum

Donato Giancola
The Museum

Li Guijun, Out of Window

Li Guijun
Out of Window

Richard Harper, Karen (detail)

Richard Harper
Karen (detail)

Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Portrait of Robert Burns

Jeffrey Catherine Jones
Portrait of Robert Burns

Amy Judd, Green Ribbon

Amy Judd
Green Ribbon

Roudolf Khachatrian

Roudolf Khachatrian

Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy, Girl with a Tress

Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy
Girl with a Tress

Wojtek Kwiatkowski

Wojtek Kwiatkowski

George Lambert, Portrait of Thea Proctor

George Lambert
Portrait of Thea Proctor

Albert Lynch

Albert Lynch

Michael Malm, Iron Bench

Michael Malm
Iron Bench

Jeremy Mann, Lindsey in Red and White

Jeremy Mann
Lindsey in Red and White

Alessandro Marziano

Alessandro Marziano

Xue Mo, Muchacha yi

Xue Mo
Muchacha yi

Sir William Orpen, Portrait of Lady Idina Wallace

Sir William Orpen
Portrait of Lady Idina Wallace

Vita Pagh

Vita Pagh

Xi Pan, Little Black Dress

Xi Pan
Little Black Dress

Alexandre de Riquer, Retrato de Mujer

Alexandre de Riquer
Retrato de Mujer

Victor Rodriguez

Victor Rodriguez

Alejandro Rosemberg, Lilen

Alejandro Rosemberg

Alexander Savinov, Study for a Portrait of M.Andrievskoy

Alexander Savinov
Study for a Portrait of M.Andrievskoy

Alina Sibera

Alina Sibera

Zhou Sicong

Zhou Sicong

Konstantin Somov, Portrait of Alexandra Levchenko

Konstantin Somov
Portrait of Alexandra Levchenko

Yima Ukun

Yima Ukun

Walter Ernest Webster,  Lady Diana

Walter Ernest Webster
Lady Diana

Sun Wengang, White Night

Sun Wengang
White Night

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