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King's Chapel

Boston, Massachusetts

Organized 1686

(Parker House Hotel
in the background)

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King's Chapel

Pullman Memorial Universalist Church

Albion NY

Organized 1891

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Pullman Memorial Church

Chemung Valley Unitarian Fellowship

Big Flats, NY

Organized 1957

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Big Flats Fellowship

Meeting House of The First Parish
Bedford MA

Organized 1730
Building Erected 1816

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Bedford MA Church

Neighborhood Church
Pasadena, California
Organized 1885
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A note from Kathleen Dyson:
The church has changed since you took that picture. The long rails holding the flags and bell have long since been taken down. Actually, I found out that the bell crashed through the bride's room which was underneath. After finding serious dry rot in those rails, they were all taken down.
Pasadena CA UU church

Unitarian Church

Barnstable Massachusetts

Organized 1639

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Barnstable MA UU church

First Universalist Society

Salisbury Center, NY

Founded 1830
Universalist church in Salisbury Center, NY

First Parish

Concord Massachusetts

Organized 1636

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First Parish, Concord MA

May Memorial
Unitarian Society
Syracuse, New York
Organized 1838

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May Memorial Church in Syracuse NY

First Parish Church in Taunton

Taunton Massachusetts

Organized 1637

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Photo by Bunny Turner
First Parish Church in Taunton MA

Unitarian Universalist Church of Amherst
Williamsville, NY
Organized 1954

More pictures of this church

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UU Church of Amherst NY

First Church in Salem
Salem MA

Organized 1629

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Photo by Beth Weekes
First Church in Salem MA