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Raoul Dufy
French, 1877 - 1953
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Beach at Sainte Adresse Beach at Sainte Adresse
The Port of LeHavre The Port of LeHavre
Acrobats Acrobats
Venice Venice
St. Cloud Park Park of St. Cloud
Chateau de Saumur Chateau de Saumur
Fishing Boats at Cannes Fishing Boats at Cannes
Le Bouquet d'Arum Le Bouquet d'Arum
Our House at Montsaunes Our House at Montsaunes
The 14th of July The 14th of July
The Casino The Casino
The Eiffel Tower  The Eiffel Tower 
Henley Regatta  Henley Regatta 
Open Window  Open Window 
Orchestra  Orchestra  
Flags Flags 
Billboards  Billboards 
Studio Studio 
Window at Nice Window at Nice 
A Place d'Hyeres  A Place d'hyeres  
Three Umbrellas  Three Umbrellas 


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