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Gösta Adrian-Nilsson

Hockey Player
Adrian-Nilsson, Gösta,  "Hockey Player"
Liane Paskaryk Choquette

Par la musique
Liane Paskaryk Choquette, "Par la musique"
Miloslav Kolar

Miloslav Kolar, "Dog"
Bessie MacNicol

French Girl
Bessie MacNicol, "French Girl"
Henri Masson

La musicienne au violon
Henri Masson, " La musicienne au violon"
Lucia Mathews

Red and White
Mathews ,Lucia,  "Red and White"
Alfred Henry Maurer

Alfred Henry Maurer, "Gabrielle"
Dan McCaw

A Special Book
Dan McCaw, " A Special Book"
 Barry McCuan

Lavender in Provence
 Barry McCuan"Lavender in Provence"
Monique Mercier

Femme de LHiver et des Grands Espaces Neigeux
Monique Mercier, " Femme de LHiver et des Grands Espaces Neigeux"
Sidney Meteyard

Paradise Lost
Sidney Meteyard "Paradise Lost"
Evelyn Metzger

Evelyn Metzger "Distance-Antartica"
Jean Metzinger

Pointillist Landscape
Jean Metzinger "Pointillist Landscape"
Janusz Migacz

L'empreinte du Silence 
Janusz Migacz  "L'empreinte du Silence"
Joaquín Mir

Waters of Moguda
Joaquín Mir "Waters of Moguda"
Berge Missakian

Composition Jazz
Berge Missakian "Composition Jazz"
Ann Mitchell

Farm at Lake Memphremremagog
Ann Mitchell"  Farm at Lake Memphremremagog"
Jacques Moreau-Gaudry

Rivage du Morbihan
Jacques Moreau-Gaudry " Rivage du Morbihan"
Denis Nolet

Gone With The Wind
Denis Nolet "Gone With The Wind"
Georgia O'Keeffe

Blue Morning Glory
Georgia O'Keeffe "Blue Morning Glory"
Emilja Pasagic

Emilja Pasagic, unknown
Bob Peters

Bob Peters "Untitled"
John Poon

Morning Docks
John Poon "Morning Docks"
Alex Powers

Victorian Dance IV
Alex Powers " Victorian Dance IV"