Bert Christensen's Weird & Different Recipes
Spam Taglines
Seanette Blaylock said:

Spam! How could we forget Spam, the canned meat that conquered
the world! So highly esteemed in Korea that Hormel makes
specially-decorated cases for gift giving there! Spam: the Pork
Byproduct that fueled the US Army in WWII and soothed hungry
London bellies in the Battle of Britain! So universally
recognized that even today - twenty five years after it's first
broadcast - Monty Python's Spam Sketch is an ntrinsic part of
Anglo/American pop culture! No, we couldn't forget Spam at matter how hard we try! <G,D&R>

Have some Spam taglines (grin):

"For my NEXT trick, I'll stuff this SQUID with SPAM!" - Jim
"Give me spam or give me death." - Jim Bodle
"Spam: Slime Posing As Meat" - Jay Leno
"The ultimate dessert? Spam Jello!" - Jim Bodle
(starting to chant) Spam spam spam spam spam...
Chocolate covered spam - a true WARRIOR'S food!
Cogito, ergo Hormel (I think, therefore I Spam)
Haggis - Gaelic for Spam.
Oops, I think Daddy burned the Spam again!
Petition Hormel to make Spam out of Barney.
So who put Spam in *your* cornflakes this morning?
Sometimes you have to wake up and smell the Spam.
Spam cut into 1/2" slices and dried makes excellent roof
Spam doesn't kill people - it outlives them.
Spam for me, please, with a side of crunchy frog.
SPAM: (meat) Squirrels, Possum And Mice
Spam: (S)crap (P)ork, (A)in't (M)eat
Spam: canned meat you'll SCREAM for!
Spam: It's not just for breakfast any more.
Spam: Sound pig makes hitting bottom of elevator shaft.
Spam: Subsentient Protoplasm Approximating Meatloaf
Spam: The government definition of meat.
Spam: The triumph of technology over taste.
Spam: [S]pecially [P]rocessed [A]nimal-flavored [M]atter.
The WWF is to sports what Spam is to meat!
This microdot contains the secret formula for Spam: .
What does eating have to do with Spam? <baffled look>

Collected by Bert Christensen
Toronto, Ontario