Bert Christensen's Weird & Different Recipes
Sanguinaccio Dolce (Blood Chocolate Pudding)
1- pint of whole milk
1- pint of fresh or frozen (thawed) pig’s blood (Unless you live near a slaughter house, you will only find frozen pig blood. It is coagulated. Place it in a blender or food processor before using.)
12 oz. - dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa), broken into small pieces
1 pound- sugar
1/2 tsp- vanilla
Cinnamon, optional
Grated orange rind, optional

In a double boiler, heat water until simmering. On medium heat, heat the milk and and sugar together until sugar is dissolved, stirring. (A double boiler can be made using a large pot, filled about one third and a mixing bowl inserted in the top. The water should not touch the bottom of the bowl.)
Stir in vanilla.
Add the dark chocolate and stir until it is melted.
Add the pig blood and stir. If blood is coagulated, use an immersion blender on low to help dissolve it.
Stir constantly. As the dolce cooks, the mixture will begin to thicken like a custard.
Add the cinnamon and orange rind (if using) and mix in thoroughly.
Cook until the mixture has a custard or pudding like consistency.
Remove from heat. Serve immediately or cool, letting it set up into a pudding.

Recipe is by Peter V. Bella, from
sent by Maddie M