Bert Christensen's Weird & Different Recipes
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Roadkill Squirrel Squares
 1 Flattened squirrel
1 Bottle of booze, home made
2 c Vegetables
Collard greens
White rice, cooked

Find a flattened Roadkill squirrel and pick out all the little hairs. Take it to the country kitchen and cut it into one inch squares. Marinate it overnight in a bowl of some homemade booze. Then dice some veggies mix with squirrel and fry `em in a skillet. Take the homemade booze left in your bowl and tip it up, and kill it. Cook your diced veggies and your squirrel until they smell real nice. Serve `em with some collard greens upon a pile of cooked white rice.

I just had to share this one. I have a book called RoadKill Cooking and I think it's a hoot!


Collected by Bert Christensen
Toronto, Ontario