Bert Christensen's Weird & Different Recipes
Pus Lump
Pumpernickel Pus Lumps
 3 3/4 ounces Jar capers
4 ounces Tub whipped cream cheese
8 slices Pumpernickel bread
Bread knife

Carefully drain the capers through a colander over the sink. Place the drained capers through a bowl.

Scoop the cream cheese into the bowl of capers and mix gently.

Toast the bread. Spread each slice with a generous glop of pus lumps and serve, open faced, immediately.

Serves 4 infectious friends.

From the Book: Gross Grub by Cheryl Porter Random House ISBN 0-679-86693-0
Shared by Carolyn Shaw 10-95

Collected by Bert Christensen
Toronto, Ontario